What safety compliance issues should you focus on in 2018? Take a close look at the six top OSHA violation areas that apply to general industry and manufacturers in our original infographic.

Safety directors: Worried about OSHA violations and fines? Here’s where you need to give your attention this year.

Compliance is complicated, especially when it comes to safety in manufacturing and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Compliance has many parts: It’s one part federal (and state) government standards, rules and interpretation mixed with another part—worker training and investment in protective equipment. If that wasn’t enough, there is even another part: the potential for violations and fines.

No one wants to see their employees injured on the job or exposed to dangerous substances that can permanently damage their lives. As part of a sustained effort to help improve the safety of workers and raise awareness of the cost of noncompliance with the law, OSHA publishes a list of the major violations every year.

Dive in to this infographic to better understand the six areas that affect manufacturing and general industry the most. A better understanding of OSHA’s violation emphasis may help you tailor your safety program in the right places for your business and your workers. But remember: A narrow focus on the list is not a complete approach. There is so much work needed to help create and nurture safety culture.

Want to dive deeper into all of the individual areas on the OSHA Top 10 list? See the graphic below.

llustration by T.M. Detwiler

What area of the OSHA Top 10 list is the most challenging for your company? Share your story.

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