An even worksurface is critical to preventing slips and trips, while an ergonomic worksurface is necessary to send people home feeling well enough to come in the next day.

Wearwell is in the business of making companies safer and more productive. An even worksurface is critical to preventing slips and trips, while an ergonomic worksurface is necessary to send people home feeling well enough to come in the next day.

Here are 7 examples that show how mats can transform a workplace—making it safer, more ergonomic, and better conditions for the workers:

Before and After Mats

  1. On the left, you see a disorganized trip hazard. On the right, a clean, continuous, and supportive work floor. A Diamond-Plate mat roll can be made to the exact length, size, and shape, so you can ditch this matting glitch. There are also anti-slide Diamond-Plate mats that stick to the floor.

Southwest Airlines Mats Before And After

  1. From a muddled mess to premium support for hardworking employees—Rejuvenator flooring is preferred by standing workers everywhere. Made of materials that will last for up to a decade, Rejuvenator matsrunners, and floors provide long-lasting, nearly crushproof ergonomics.

Before and After Mats, Do Mats Work

  1. Smooth ergonomic flooring takes this from a cold, slippery concrete floor to a dependable, anti-fatigue work surface that blends in and supports workers for years to come. Carts can roll across without issue.

Do Mats Work Ergonomic Floors

  1. General-Purpose ErgoDeck floor tiles turn an unforgiving concrete floor into a high-performance workspace, providing critical anti-fatigue benefits to workers. Watch absenteeism decrease and productivity increase.

Automotive Anti Fatigue Mats Matting

  1. Bright, anti-microbial, silicone free, and highly ergonomic, this Tile-Top anti-fatigue mat takes an automotive inspection area from zero to hero on the support scale. Also available with an anti-slide floor grip for added safety.                                    Southwest Airlines Mats Anti Fatigue Flooring ErgoDeck 
    6. The folks behind the scenes do the real heavy lifting. These airline workers no longer have to  work on this trip hazard waiting to happen. Proper modular flooring (on the right) will take a beating, stay together, and continue to support workers in the heaviest duty environment.

           ErgoDeck MAX Ergonomic Anti Fatigue Before and After

  1. Some environments are too rough for a normal mat. Ergonomic floors like ErgoDeck MAX can provide the same support for workers, while keeping the workstation more organized and lasting longer. With ErgoDeck, single tiles can be replaced if damaged (as opposed to replacing a large mat.) What is ErgoDeck MAX?

The real question is—

           Mats vs Concrete

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Wearwell is a U.S.-based global manufacturer of cutting-edge anti-fatigue matting and flooring.  For over 70 years, Wearwell has led the industry with over 20 patented anti-fatigue flooring and matting solutions designed to prevent injuries, improve performance, and position companies to compete in an ever-changing world.   

With sales operations throughout North America, South America, and Europe, Wearwell works alongside customers to improve safety, reduce absenteeism, boost productivity, and heighten morale across every industry.

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