DeWalt helps promote jobsite safety with their line of Perform & Protect™ tools and accessories.

We all recognize jobsites have hazards. Injuries have a direct impact on a project’s schedule and budget, but the ultimate goal is getting everyone home safe each day.

DeWalt set out to create a dedicated line of PERFORM & PROTECT™ tools and accessories which are designed to provide a high level of one or more of the following: dust containment, control, or low vibration, without sacrificing performance. This line of tools and accessories have special on-product markings to denote which features are specific to the product. DeWalt often works closely with external Safety Directors to test their products in real-life situations to make sure they stand up to their toughest users. DeWalt's sales and training teams also lead with safety and utilize PERFORM & PROTECT™ products to show their devotion to safe, productive jobsites. They will discuss the main components of the PERFORM & PROTECT™ in this article.


DEWALT offers 120+ OSHA Table 1 Compliant dust solutions within their PERFORM & PROTECT™ line.

PERFORM & PROTECT™ grinding, cutting, and drilling shrouds reduce the amount of air-borne dust exposure, increase user visibility, and cut down on tool maintenance costs. Prior to OSHA’s ruling on Silica Dust in 2017, DEWALT was already on jobsites providing dust management solutions for the end user. Since the ruling went into effect, DEWALT’s stance is “Table 1 or nothing”, a message Global Product Manager, Richard Cacchiotti, has been communicating for over a year. “We not only focus on the dust extractor, but the application as a whole – tool, accessory, and extractor to create an easy-to-follow system for the end user. A great example is the DCH293R2DH 1-1/8” Rotary Hammer covers a large drilling range, but is really designed around anchors needing 8” embedment. This covers 1” diameter holes ideal for mechanical anchors. Currently, DEWALT has the only solution for onboard extraction for this applicationAdditionally, the DCH273P2DHO 1” Rotary Hammer with on-board extraction was specifically created to work with stop bits for users doing work with post-tension cable and Mini-Undercut+ Anchors. Typically, standard heads across the industry don’t work with stop bits.” Download DeWalt's guide for the latest DUST solution system here.

Watch this short video to see how the PERFORM & PROTECT™ line can help reduce the amount of airborne dust exposure, increase user visibility and cut down on tool maintenance costs.


Keeping control of tools on worksites helps to provide user protection and productivity benefits. Tools can bind up in normal drilling or cutting applications which can cause injury to the user, or damage the tool. DEWALT's E-CLUTCH® Anti-Lock Control detects motion of the tool and shuts it down in bind-up situations, helping to minimize sudden torque reaction compared to standard clutches. The Kickback Brake feature stops the wheel when a pinch is detected in select grinders. LANYARD READY™ integrated solutions offer options to tether select corded and cordless tools to rigid structures on jobsites when working at height with a maximum lanyard length of 2m, helping to secure the tool in case it is dropped.

Watch this video to see the E-CLUTCH® system in action.


Prolonged exposure to vibration may result in fatigue, pain, numbness, increased sensitivity to cold, and decreased sensitivity to touch in fingers and hands. The SHOCKS ACTIVE VIBRATION CONTROL® System in DEWALT Rotary Hammers reduces vibration felt at the handles, when compared to hammers without this feature. Vibration user-protection features are available on select Rotary Hammers, Sanders, Hammer Tacker and in a full line of ergonomically designed framing, nailing and specialty hammers.

For a demo of the vibration user-protection features click here.

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With seven manufacturing locations in the USA, DEWALT remains committed to domestic manufacturing and produced over 90 million individual units of Power Tools, Hand Tools, and Accessories in the United States with global materials in 2016 alone.

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