Wearwell understands the importance of continuing to engineer for safety.

3 Things to Remember When Buying Interlocking Mats


Wearwell understands the importance of continuing to engineer for safety. Every time they bring a new product to market, they do it to make the workplace safer. For this reason, they'd like to share a pro tip that will help you distinguish between a dependable interlocking system and a future trip hazard. In the industry, there are three different interlock systems for modular matting: Passive, Positive, & Permanent. They are NOT all created equal. Knowing which connection system you are buying will help you understand exactly what you’re getting but, more importantly, will help you avoid unexpected disappointments in the process. 


3rd Place

Permanent interlock systems are exactly that. They snap together, but aren’t designed to come apart. While Wearwell doesn’t carry any Permanent interlocks, they have heard countless horror stories from customers who have bought these flawed products. The realization that there is no way to take the matting apart has ruined many flooring projects. Snap one tile wrong, and your layout is ruined! Don’t be fooled. If the matting doesn’t come apart by hand, it was designed to be permanent!


2nd Place

Passive interlock systems are a common problem that many users have simply come to accept: matting that comes apart during everyday use. Maintenance may be a daily or weekly chore. These mats nest together, but there is no true interlock system to keep them together. Passive matting ends up being glued together, zip tied, duct taped, or simply ignored and walked over. Most times, customers don’t realize they were sold a ‘passive’ interlock until it is too late!


1st Place

Positive matting connections go together, hold together during use, and can be easily ‘zipped’ apart for area reconfiguration. Unfortunately, many customers are misled into thinking that all interlocking mats will stay together. Wearwell’s positive solution, known as “LockSafe®,” has engineered away many of the common problems, creating a safer and more efficient workplace.

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Wearwell is a U.S.-based global manufacturer of cutting-edge anti-fatigue matting and flooring.  For over 70 years, Wearwell has led the industry with over 20 patented anti-fatigue flooring and matting solutions designed to prevent injuries, improve performance, and position companies to compete in an ever-changing world.   

With sales operations throughout North America, South America, and Europe, Wearwell works alongside customers to improve safety, reduce absenteeism, boost productivity, and heighten morale across every industry.

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