KYOCERA SGS helped a firearms end-user realize over $184K in total cost savings by switching to the Z-Carb-HPR 5-flute end mill.


This firearms end-user needed to produce 135,000 total parts annually. With a total annual job cost exceeding $250,000, their goal was to reduce overall total job cost to under $100,000. To achieve this goal, KYOCERA SGS application engineers looked for ways to increase tool life, thus decreasing cost per part.


The existing application utilized a 6-flute solid, high-feed end mill, taking 6 passes at 0.014” axial DOC. The new strategy utilized a 5-Flute Z-Carb HPR, taking a single pass at 0.06” axial DOC.

Conclusion & Results

Using the SGS Z-Carb HPR end mill, the customer was able to increase the axial DOC per pass from 0.014” to 0.06”, thus reducing the number of passes from 6 to 1. Cost per tool decreased from $113 to $43 and tool life increased from 80 to 200 parts. The number of tools required annually to produce the 135,000 parts decreased from 1688 to 675. The combination of these changes resulted in decreases in total machining cost, new tool cost, and tool change cost, resulting in annual savings of over $184,000.


Download a PDF of the complete case study here where you can scan a QR code to see the Z Carb-HPR in action.

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KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools, Inc., formerly known as the SGS Tool Company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of KYOCERA Corporation, was originally founded in 1951 and is an ISO-certified leader of round solid carbide cutting tool technology for the aerospace, metalworking, and automotive industries. Today, it is best known for its solid carbide high performance end mills and drills. However, it is also well known for its stainless steel medical tools and technically advanced, proprietary PVD coatings. KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools, with manufacturing sites in the United States and United Kingdom, aggressively services its customers through a global network of Sales Representatives, Industrial Distributors, and Agents that sell into more than 60 countries.

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