At the ribbon-cutting to kick off IMTS 2018, the president of AMT emphasizes that the acceleration of technology has a more direct and immersive role in manufacturing systems than ever before.

The Association For Manufacturing Technology opened the 2018 IMTS in Chicago to record numbers of visitors and exhibitors from 117 countries.

Today kicked off the 32nd International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago—and it opened with a keynote introduction by Doug Woods, president of The Association For Manufacturing Technology, the organization that owns and runs the event every two years.

In a ribbon-cutting ceremony that Woods shared with Dr. Jochen Koeckler, chairman of the managing board of Deutsche Messe AG, a trade show company and partner with AMT, Woods emphasized key show data and the more immersive role technology is playing in a time of accelerated adoption of cloud, big data, analytics and advanced metrology systems working better together and being more directly integrated to machining and manufacturing.

“Technology has been part of manufacturing for a long time, of course, but with technology’s acceleration it has now more directly immersed in manufacturing itself,” says Woods.

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IMTS 2018: New Records Being Set Thanks to the Manufacturing Boom

IMTS is one of the largest manufacturing industry shows in the world, but never has the event taken the entire four-building structure at McCormick Place. It has this year.

“It’s because of you—exhibitors and attendees—that we have broken every record this year,” says Woods. “With 116,000 registered visitors from 117 countries, this show has 55 million pounds of machinery on the show floor to see and over 2,500 exhibitors.”

Why is 2018 the year it filled up the entire conference space? Economic conditions and favorable tax reform measures have been a boon to the industry. Supplier deliveries, new orders and production were up in August, according to Gardner Intelligence’s tracking of the manufacturing industry and metalworking segments.

“Supplier deliveries continue to be the fastest growing component among the six elements which form the total index, with a year-to-date average reading of 61.9,” writes Michael Guckes, chief economist at Gardner Intelligence, in a recent blog post on the current metalworking industry. “Moreover, the significant expansionary growth in new orders, production, employment and backlogs is an encouraging sign of long-term growth.”

Guckes points out that seeing accelerated growth in multiple business indicators gives confidence in the direction of the manufacturing business environment. Backlogs have grown, but given the overall healthy economic environment, Guckes believes organizations can “expand operations and smooth their production levels during periods of new order volatility.”

“The rapid growth of digital technology, automation and additive manufacturing are especially driving interest,” says Peter R. Eelman, vice president of exhibitions and business development at AMT, in a statement. “The booming manufacturing economy means visitors have capital and are ready to invest.”


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Albertans trying to reach prudent Canadians

Daniel Hayduk / Postmedia, information

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Nor can we needfully count on fair treatment from other Canadians.

But we can count on sensible Canadians to achieve one simple and mutually beneficial fact: whenever Alberta prospers, the us prospers.

When Alberta's market is booming, The money flows out to pay for health and social programs in the united states.

A group of Albertans is working overtime to leave out this powerful message.

content articles continuedOver the last 20 years, That works out to each Alberta family making contributions $318,000 to most of Canada, employing average Canadian family getting $42,000.

These many billions have been paid largely through the us government taxing Albertans, Then sharing that money to poorer provinces through health and social programs.

"When Alberta has been prosperous over the past it has helped all of Canada, happening,that is definitely entirely at risk right now, Bewick says.

large, A powerful and well connected group of anti oil activists and political figures have thwarted Alberta's oil industry, Mainly by accommodating shutdown pipeline projects.


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