ISCAR has expanded the small diameter range of its leading SUMOCHAM hole making line to include new heads and tools.

ISCAR has expanded the small diameter range of its leading SUMOCHAM hole making line to include new heads and tools from Ø4.0 mm up to Ø5.9 mm (0.157”-0.232” diameter). The exchangeable head design has proven to be a versatile tool in both high production applications and job shop type environments. This new line of small diameter drills moves down into the range typically occupied by high-speed steel twist drills and solid carbide drills. These solid round tools have been around a long time and have done a great job. But a spotlight has been put on their disadvantages with the advent of indexable carbide solutions.

When the traditional round tools become dull, they must either be resharpened or the whole tool must be replaced. When you approach various materials you either must make do with a general-purpose edge geometry or purchase a completely different tool. The indexable drills have a distinct advantage in both situations.

ISCAR SUMOCHAM Mini drills are designed to save the machinist time when replacing a worn drill head. Indexing takes just a few seconds. The insert comes pre-assembled in the indexing key to prevent dropping and losing the small insert. The insert locks in with less than a ¼ turn and there are no screws to lose. The index is repeatable within +/- 0.002” (0.05mm) in axial length. In most applications, touching off a tool can be eliminated after indexing. This removes a possible error compared to replacing a solid round drill. The machine operator does not need to remember to adjust to the tool length offset.

ISCAR SUMOCHAM Mini drills are also offered in six different edge geometries. ICP is a general-purpose grind applicable for a wide variety of materials. ICK has a heavier edge hone and chamfered corners for greater wear resistance in cast iron and other abrasive materials. ICM has a land on the cutting edge for resistance to edge chipping in stainless steels and high temperature materials. HCP and QCP are variations of the self-centering geometries to eliminate short pre-hole drilling for depths beyond 5xD. And the FCP is a flat-bottom geometry for holes that require a square shoulder.

ISCAR SUMOCHAM Mini drill bodies are offered in three drilling depths, 3xD, 5xD and 8xD. They are made of high strength tool steel to allow for some misalignment between the tool and machine spindle or workpiece centerline. Solid carbide drills are not as forgiving and often result in catastrophic failure. The SUMOCHAM Mini line of tools are especially advantageous in small, high-speed machining centers and live tools on Swiss Lathes and conventional CNC Lathes. The smaller shanks are easy to adapt to their tool holding limitations.

What to look for:  Machine shops producing parts with that require drilled holes in the 4.0-5.9 diameter range.  This drilling system is ideal for swiss style and automatic multi-spindle machines because of the fast index / high repeatability feature of this tool.  Downtime reduction is a key benefit in addition to reduction in the probability of error when renewing the tool. 

Shop personnel around the world are taking advantage of these new benefits. They are using the new SUMOCHAM Mini drills to solve problems and improve productivity in their many varied applications. Reduced cycle time, improved tool life and ease of use are great boosts to the overall output.

See the SUMOCHAM Mini in action in this short video:

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