Kyocera's series of 51 T-Carb® tools now includes a ball end configuration, providing the capability for 3D contouring and finishing applications in a variety of materials

Video Highlights

  • Strengthened tip geometry results in less damage vs. the competition.
  • Specialized relief provides excellent tangency which eliminates material build-up and provides superior finish.
  • The 6-flute design enables higher feed rates at reduced tool loads, ultimately preventing breakage and failure.
  • Ti-NAMITE®-X coating provides superior protection for performance and tool life.

KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools 51 T-Carb® series of tools now includes a ball end configuration. The T-Carb® lineup features specialized engineering and design specific to high speed trochoidal and peel milling. The T-Carb®’s 6-flute eccentric relief design provides strength and enhanced contact at high speeds, with superior finish results. The ball end expansion now provides Series 51 tools the capability for 3D contouring and finishing applications in a variety of materials. See it in action in the short video above (music only, no transcript).

Previously Featured on KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools' YouTube channel.

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KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools, Inc., formerly known as the SGS Tool Company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of KYOCERA Corporation, was originally founded in 1951 and is an ISO-certified leader of round solid carbide cutting tool technology for the aerospace, metalworking, and automotive industries. Today, it is best known for its solid carbide high performance end mills and drills. However, it is also well known for its stainless steel medical tools and technically advanced, proprietary PVD coatings. KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools, with manufacturing sites in the United States and United Kingdom, aggressively services its customers through a global network of Sales Representatives, Industrial Distributors, and Agents that sell into more than 60 countries.

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