Safe and proper use of wire power brushes and abrasives.

This video shows how to safely use brushes and abrasives in order to reduce the potential for personal injury. In the hands of a skilled operator, who understands and applies the information contained in this video, cleaning, grinding and finishing of various surfaces can be completed efficiently and safely.

Video Highlights

  • A safe work environment starts with a clean, dry floor, a well-ventilated or proper exhaust system, and the area should be clear of all dust, fumes and flammable materials.
  • Prior to use, check wire brushes and abrasives for any signs of physical damage that could lead to an out-of-balance condition or potentially lead to failure of the product.   
  • Check wire brushes for rust or corrosion. Never use a brush that has signs of corrosion; this is especially critical with steel brushes as rust and pitting on the surface of the filaments create weak points where the wires are likely to fail prematurely.
  • Choose the appropriate brush or abrasive to meet or exceed operating RPM of the tool.
  • Apply the appropriate force or pressure on the brush or abrasive.
  • Position the brush or abrasive at the correct angle to the work surface.
  • Control length of use and product wear to ensure safe operation.  

Previously featured on Weiler's YouTube Channel.  

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