Employers need to find ways to develop and retain highly skilled workers. Apprenticeship programs are a structured way to build high performers and provide career pathways for employees. But, today’s apprenticeship programs are not like your father’s apprenticeship programs. Tooling U-SME will discuss how flexibility and employer-driven competencies are core to the modern approach to apprenticeship.

During this 25-minute webinar, viewers will gain an understanding of:

1. Key characteristics of 21st Century Apprenticeship programs

2. Value apprenticeship programs bring to employers and employees

3. Funding sources, success stories and outreach for apprenticeship assistance

To view the webinar on our YouTube channel:

Webinar Playback: 21st Century Apprenticeship: Building Employee Pipelines, Engagement and Retention through Registered Apprenticeship Programs 

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We have an apprentice program and so should everyone.
We agree Henry! Thanks for visiting.
It's a shame the apprenticeship programs of the past were killed off by organizations looking to save money. If all those suits with the MBA's would have kept their hands off the process there wouldn't be such a skills gap as we have in America today. They were trying to save a nickel, but have now cost their organizations thousands of dollars. Not that it will make much difference to them. They have been promoted up and away, for successfully saving a nickel, from any responsibility for their actions or have left the organization entirely. The more "new business strategies" I see, the more I see we were a lot smarter 40 years ago than we are today.
Thank you for visiting Better MRO, Dennis. We agree, apprenticeship programs are an important part of skills training and should be supported now and well into the future as they had been in the past.

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