Nemesis Glasses

That’s why we’ve added a range of colorful and stylish NEW frames to our Jackson Safety® Nemesis® Eyewear.

One of the top-selling brands in North America and the most popular line in the Jackson Safety® eyewear portfolio, Nemesis® Eyewear delivers the style and comfort that workers crave. New offerings include:

  • Metallic Blue frames – with clear anti-fog and smoke anti-fog lenses
  • Inferno Red frames – with clear anti-fog and smoke anti-fog lenses
  • Silver frames – with clear anti-fog and smoke anti-fog lenses
  • Camouflage frames – with polarized lenses

In today’s world, your workers shouldn’t have to settle for bland eye protection.

Let them express their individuality through the NEW Nemesis® line. In fact, in a market research study conducted with manufacturing workers, 75 percent of participants said they’d wear colors other than the standard black or clear frames if they were available.

For stylish comfort and lasting protection, why choose anything else?

Help drive PPE compliance in your facility. Find Nemesis® Eyewear at


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