In every emergency, the length of response time can make the difference between a close call and a tragedy.

In every emergency, the length of response time can make the difference between a close call and a tragedy. In particular, the first seconds following eye and skin exposure to chemicals and harsh substances are critical in minimizing worker injury – the main goal of any worker safety program.

Facility and safety managers that equip their facilities with the proper emergency showers and equipment are heading off potential worksite disasters that are a reality for many industries. In 2015, almost 3 million workers in the U.S. suffered serious workplace-related injuries or illnesses, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. When it comes to the eyes, specifically, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that more than 2,000 eye injuries occur on the job every day.

Without a doubt, it’s imperative to be prepared with the appropriate number of emergency eye/face wash systems and drench showers in easily accessible locations, as well as have trained/knowledgeable employees. But to ensure the fastest medical response when emergency equipment is activated, it’s also important to employ an emergency signaling system.

These highly visible “alarms” assure a clear method of communication — internally and with emergency medical responders — to help abate the emergency, attend to the injured worker(s) and improve the emergency’s outcome.

How signaling systems work

Upon activation of emergency fixtures, emergency signaling devices are automatically triggered to turn on a highly visible flashing light and a loud sound designed to cut through ambient facility noise. In effect, the signaling systems:

  • Call others to help the injured
  • Flag the specific location of the incident
  • Alert management to contact first responders
  • Provide remote monitoring of safety equipment

Employing an emergency signaling system is a much faster and more efficient way to alert those close by, as well as those in other locations. It’s also reassuring to the injured worker to know that help is on the way.

Is your facility equipped to make every minute count in an emergency?

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