Advances in lighting and battery technology are offering users a wide range of new lighting tools with advanced features that not only deliver high lumens but also drive cost savings without compromises.

In the flashlight world, high performance is always in demand.  Fortunately, skilled professionals of all disciplines that rely on flashlights and headlamps have never had more options.  Recent advances in lighting and battery technology are offering users a wide range of new lighting tools with advanced features that not only deliver high lumens but also drive cost savings without compromises.

Performance for Production & Safety

At construction, manufacturing and industrial sites, dependable lighting is essential, not only to deliver quality work, but to ensure worker safety.  High-quality, high-performance flashlights and headlamps that deliver extreme brightness in challenging conditions are mission critical tools, not luxury items. 

LED technology has continued to evolve so that flashlight manufacturers can offer versatile, hand-held and hands-free products that light up entire work scenes, including peripheral areas, or dim down to reduce eye-strain for up-close detail work, all in the same light. The ability to inspect aerial sites from the ground or examine a potentially dangerous scene from a distance with the same tool that can be used for inspecting a panel or reading a manual has revolutionized the portable lighting world.

There are trade-offs to supernova-like performance from hand and head lights and they come in the form of battery consumption. The brightest of tactical lighting tools can deliver 2,500+ lumens but burns through costly 3 volt CR123A batteries at a rate of 4 cells every 90 minutes!  That can be $8+ an hour using disposable cells that, once depleted, then need to be disposed of!

USB Rechargeable Options

LEDs are not the only evolving technology. Many of the battery systems used in newer, high-power LED flashlights are now USB rechargeable. These new flashlight and battery systems can deliver the performance the professional user needs while actually delivering battery cost decreases!

Now widely available, USB rechargeable options give industrial professionals the ability to charge on the go with the same convenience of charging a phone.  Rechargeable systems have proven to save time and money while keeping spent battery cells out of the recycling bin.

For professionals who worry about being tied to a charge cord, there are even modular battery systems that allow for multiple battery sources or rechargeable cells that can be changed out quickly.

Real Savings

Rechargeable battery systems pay for themselves very quickly. For example, in a 3,500 lumen flashlight, one $40 USB rechargeable battery system can save nearly $13,000 in replaceable batteries over the lifetime of the system.  $13,000! In a smaller, 1,000 lumen flashlight, a similar $20 USB rechargeable battery system can save more than $6,000 over the life of the rechargeable system. 

These new systems offer all these savings while decreasing downstream waste for less impact on the environment as well.

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