You’ve heard that sitting all day can kill you, but have you ever tried standing at your desk for hours at a time?

You’ve heard that sitting all day can kill you, but have you ever tried standing at your desk for hours at a time? Many people don’t realize it, but the stress standing puts on the body can have a tremendous impact on your muscles, joints and spine. You wouldn’t sit all day in an uncomfortable chair, so why would you choose to stand on a hard, uncomfortable surface?

Let's expound:

Before standup desks became commonplace, the majority of the standing workforce worked in manufacturing. These were the folks on the front line, pushing, pulling, lifting, the sweat and grind of production. Before long, it became clear that standing in one place over time was detrimental to the body. It was normal to see people standing on wood, cardboard, old rugs, anything they could find to offer some relief. Out of necessity, the anti-fatigue mat was born.

Specifically designed to support workstation employees, anti-fatigue matting has advanced through the last half-century to become a respected and universal answer to fighting fatigue from standing work. Not only does it feel better to stand on matting, science backs it up. Enter muscle pump theory:

Standing on a concrete surface
Standing on an anti-fatigue mat

The above diagrams compare the muscle activity in the legs when standing on concrete vs. standing on anti-fatigue matting. As you can see for the worker in the top illustration, there is little muscle activity when standing on concrete. This worker found a position that was comfortable enough, and locked their legs to keep them standing upright. This lack of movement causes blood to pool in the feet, and prevents vital circulation of blood to the brain. (Prime example: Ever seen a video of a groom tumbling to the ground on his own wedding day?)

Now look at the diagram on the bottom. This worker, who did stand on matting, had heaps more muscle activity in their legs. This corresponds with better blood flow through the body and brain, and less overall soreness in the feet and joints. The padded anti-fatigue surface gives this worker the chance to continually shift their feet, and find comfortable positions to keep the blood flowing. When you look at the difference with and without matting, there is really no comparison.

So why would you ever choose to stand on a hard, uncomfortable surface again? Stand strong, with anti-fatigue matting.

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