Are you looking for good information about worksite safety? By the time you have finished reading this article, you will want to save this blog and link as a website favorite.

Are you looking for good information about worksite safety? By the time you have finished reading this article, you will want to save this blog and link as a website favorite.

We know today’s safety managers, safety specialists, EHS officers, and industrial hygienists are all strapped for time. From investigating accidents, to evaluating workplace environments and maintaining hygiene programs, there is just not enough time in one day. Keeping people safe at work is what these professionals do, and their workplace efforts allow thousands of workers to return home safely every day. 

inding time is not easy but when you do have it, you do not want to waste time finding where to go. Keeping people safe is also what we do at MCR Safety. We Protect People!

Since we share the responsibility of keeping workers safe, we have picked out some of the best safety resources to share with you. Here is a look at the top available safety resources all in one spot for you. Enjoy!

Certifications and Safety Associations

All safety professionals need certifications and guidance. Here are some excellent sources you should know about. 

Certified Safety Professional  (BCSP)

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals started in 1969 and its primary purpose is to certify practitioners in the safety profession. 

National Association of Safety Professionals  (NASP)

NASP/IASP provides training, consultative services and valuable workplace safety knowledge.

International Safety Equipment Association   (ISEA) 

ISEA is the leading association for personal protective equipment and technologies. 

LinkedIn Safety Groups

Groups provide opportunities for discussion. Here are the LinkedIn groups with a large number of members:

OSHA Discussion & Support

This group is for those who manage, supervise, or consult on workplace safety has over 100,000 members

Construction Environmental Health and Safety

This group is for designers, construction workers, and E-professionals with an interest in the management of environmental health and safety in the construction industry.

EHSQ Elite

This is a networking group for safety and loss prevention, regulatory, health, industrial hygiene, environment, quality, sustainability, and security professionals.

Environmental Health & Safety Professionals

This group is intended to be a place for environmental health and safety professionals to network, collaborate, and reach out for help and advice from their peers.

American Society of Safety Professionals

This is an online discussion group for the ASSP, the oldest and largest professional safety organization.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is an amazing source of free videos, ranging from introductory talks to in-depth tutorials on incredibly specific topics. If you are reading about something but can’t quite visualize it, a quick search for videos on the topic will usually provide you with exactly what you need. Here are the safety videos coming in with the most views:

Roles and Responsibilities for Safety

This 10-minute introduction by Carl Potter covers the roles that people play in creating a safe work environment.

Job Safety Analysis: Full Training Video

This half-hour training covers the process of completing a job safety analysis, from understanding when a JSA should be done to the granular details of how the process works on the job.

Improving Workplace Culture Through Safety Leadership

This 45-minute talk presented by Don Groover at the 2016 NGFA Grain Journal Safety and Grain Quality Conference tackles how good leadership can create a culture in which safer practices become an everyday reality. This is a must-watch for anyone who is struggling to implement a safety program without creating contention between workers and management.

Health and Safety Assistant | Make It Into: Construction

BBC Northern Ireland has a wonderful series for students on how to “make it” in different industries. This is a short interview about what it’s like to start out in a health and safety job.

A Day in the Life: The Safety Manager

At 45 minutes, this video offers a much more in-depth look into what the role of a safety manager entails as it follows Cesar Martinez through a day on the job. For people thinking about a career change into the health and safety field, this is an excellent resource for learning more about what that might look like.

YouTube Channels

While there are plenty of amazing one-off videos on the internet, it is often handy subscribing to a particular channel that regularly posts good information about a topic that is interesting to you (in this case, that is worksite safety).

US Department of Labor

Yes, even government agencies have their own YouTube channels now. In addition to more general videos on labor issues, the channel includes a playlist of more than 80 videos produced by OSHA, and also includes a number of videos in Spanish.


The official YouTube channel of Safety+Health Magazine, this channel includes free webinars on a wide variety of health and safety topics, including PPE, common safety concerns, and first aid.

Safety Memos

In a hurry but still want to share a reminder about safety? These quick, 2-minute introductions to a variety of safety topics are just the ticket. They cover everything from entering and exiting vehicles, to avoiding heat stress, to the dangers of coming to work hungover.

MCR Safety

We had to point out our very own YouTube channel. From D30 innovative technology to Max 6 technology, with 6X greater anti-fog properties, we keep you updated on the latest safety products changing the industry.


Safety professionals need to keep up with the latest safety trends, review new technologies and network with other safety leaders. Here are some of the most attended safety shows:


ASSP is a leading resource for safety professionals. They have a long-standing reputation of delivering high quality safety and health education. Over 300 speakers present on topics ranging from risk management, to ergonomics, to product safety.

NSC Congress & Expo

The National Safety Council has been a safety advocate for more than 100 years. It is one of the most trusted sources of occupational safety. MCR Safety will be in Houston this October, booth 2024.


This member-based organization of more than 2,300 companies strives for occupational and health excellence. MCR Safety will be in Nashville this September at booth 600.


Sitting down with a magazine is still preferred by many safety professionals. The high-quality content is reason enough. Here are the ones MCR Safety endorses.

EHS Today

Founded in 1938, EHS Today is a leading US magazine and resource for health and safety management professionals.


Industrial Safety & Hygiene News is delivered monthly to over 70,000 safety professionals. Their online safety resources are world class.


Occupational Health & Safety has been serving the safety market for over 86 years now.

Safety + Health

This well-respected magazine offers comprehensive national coverage of safety related topics to over 86,000 subscribers.

Safety Forums

While many see stand-alone forums as old-fashioned, these resources can still be an excellent tool for getting answers to your health and safety related questions.

IOSH Forums

The public forum for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health focuses primarily on the UK. When it comes to best practices, though, the information will generally be the same.

Industry-Specific Forums

Sometimes, the best advice isn’t general safety advice, it’s specific to your industry. Turning to forums such as the Practical Machinist forum or Reddit’s /r/Welding/ can often be the best way to go.

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