Maverick™ Eye Protection from Kimberly-Clark delivers confident protection without compromising style or comfort.


Don’t underestimate the power of style. Your workers need protection, but they also care how they look. Maverick™ Eye Protection delivers confident protection without compromising style or comfort. 

Video Highlights:

  • Over 20,000 eye injuries happen on the job each year, costing U.S. businesses nearly $300 million in lost production time, medical expenses and worker compensation
  • ​Workers may be exposed to particles like dust and debris, yet eye protection is often a low priority for those who need it the most
  • New Maverick™ Safety Glasses from the KleenGuard™ brand feature improved premium anti-fog and anti-scratch performance to increase safety and efficiency
  • The lenses provide 99.9 percent protection from UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays
  • 90 percent of workplace eye injuries can be prevented with proper safety eyewear

Learn more about Maverick™ eye protection in the short video above.

Previously Featured on Kimberly-Clark Professional's YouTube channel.


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Kimberly-Clark Professional is on a mission to create safer, healthier and more productive workplaces. Our wiping solutions, PPE and washroom/breakroom solutions can provide you and your customers trusted brand name products to maximize safety and productivity.


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