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How do you calibrate your blades for testing?

Can you send me a video?

Best Regards,

Alisha Andersen


Hi Alisha,

This would be a great question to take to our metalworking forum:

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What if the selected load weights do not produce 5 cuts in each of the three range categories? How do you adjust for the inconcistency in the fabric or material being tested? e.g.: I cut once at 500g and get 23mm, next cut at the same weight is 1mm. This occurs often.


Hi Bill, thank you for visiting Better MRO!

The cut tests are performed by a machine, so that it is a consistent and repeatable test. Is your question regarding a safety manager doing their own cut test?


Good Morning,

I am a safety manager at a pork processing facility in Sioux City, IA. We're looking at ways to reduce our lacerations across the facility and we're questioning our PPE. I'm wondering if you guys could do some testing on our gloves and provide ANSI Cut resistant results, or point me in the right direction? Our concern is that after several launderings we are losing cut resistance.




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