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My name is Gus  I am an hvac technician and. I have been using Fluke products for too many years and I really like them I like their performance and their quality 

But I. Would like to receive more information about your app instruction using the app because I have communication issues sometimes and I would like to make sure I am using the app correctly also more information about your wifi connections 


Would like information on new products


Please send information on new products.


Would like product information


Used Fluke meters for many years as a electrical and HVAC contractor. Looking forward to seeing and using these new products.


Love the Fluke Meters, the only brand I use.


Thanks for your feedback Roy!


I have bought Fluke meters/testers in the past and would buy nothing else when they were made in USA. 

I think some Flukes are now made in red China, am I correct?

I don't buy Chicom even for my dog!

My wife is Asian, but we both feel the same about red China!

Where are the Fluke 377 and 378 made?



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Fluke Corporation is the world leader in the manufacture, distribution and service of electronic test tools and software. Founded in 1948, Fluke products empower the manufacturing and service industries with critical testing and troubleshooting capabilities. Fluke has been a trusted test tool partner, helping you and your team work safely with tools that meet or exceed the safety standards of the demanding environments you work in. Get the solutions you need to keep your world up and running with Fluke tools from MSC.

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