Professional athletes are geared up, coached up and given the optimum field for success, so why not give your Industrial Athletes a competitive edge, too.

Professional athletes are geared up, coached up and given the optimum field for success, so why not give your Industrial Athletes a competitive edge, too.

Give them the best field of play for their line of work.

Quality Ergonomic Flooring and Anti-Fatigue Mats from Wearwell.

Anti-Fatigue Mats Because:

  • Heel strike is real.
  • Slips, trips and falls are the leading cause of missed workdays.
  • Anti-fatigue mats offer 50% improvement in circulation with muscle activity.

You Know the Mat Fits If It’s a Wearwell Mat.

Finding the right mat for the needs of your Industrial Athletes can be challenging enough in itself. There are so many considerations. What kind of environment are they working in? How are they working? Are they standing at one station, moving back and forth down long lines or are they managing multiple stations over a wide space? How many shifts are they working? 

Next up – goals. What’s your primary objective? Do you want to reduce heel strike, improve ergonomics and provide more relief from hard, unforgiving concrete? Do you want to improve safety and reduce slips, trips and absenteeism?

All of these factors and more come in to play. Unfortunately, there’s not one mat that’s suitable for all situations. Wearwell provides a wide range of custom anti-fatigue solutions to fit your needs to your space. Wearwell is the only manufacturer that can customize diamond-plate matting to any shape, size or configuration. Their 7,900 square foot Customs Department is staffed by highly trained craftsmen with a minimum of 10 years’ experience. They take pride in every mat they make and Wearwell backs their work with the same warranty as their other mats – seams included.


Loose laid individual mats aren’t just an eyesore, they pose a significant trip hazard. The National Safety Council estimates the average cost of a slip, trip and fall claim is $41,531. You can reduce your risk by replacing multiple mats with just one that’s tailored to the space.


Foot traffic and workstation placement are the primary factors of the matting configurations we produce. Those possibilities are endless and so are the mats Wearwell has customized to fit them.

Step, back and look around your facility. If you see an abundance of individual mats in a relatively small space, you may want to consider consolidating them into one larger mat.  Each time your team steps off and then back on to another mat, there’s a change in plane and a potential for a trip. One walking plane for one work area lowers your risk.


Choices of customized solutions aren’t limited to Diamond-Plate. The same level of customization is available in an array of colors of Tile-Top surface, too.  Tile-top is common in hospitals and pharmacies, but is popular in automotive plants for its smooth, easy-to-clean surface.

Standing on concrete day in and day out takes a real toll on the body. Some matting makes it better. The right matting makes a difference.  When choosing matting know that there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution. Make sure the mat meets your application and your goals, and be sure it’s sized right to your space.

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Wearwell is a U.S.-based global manufacturer of cutting-edge anti-fatigue matting and flooring.  For over 70 years, Wearwell has led the industry with over 20 patented anti-fatigue flooring and matting solutions designed to prevent injuries, improve performance, and position companies to compete in an ever-changing world.   

With sales operations throughout North America, South America, and Europe, Wearwell works alongside customers to improve safety, reduce absenteeism, boost productivity, and heighten morale across every industry.

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