Watch the Biodegradable Hand Protection Webinar Playback Hosted by MSC & SHOWA

Discover how you can reduce your environmental footprint while making cost-effective decisions. Presented by Matt Piotrowski, Product Manager for SHOWA Group, you'll learn how biodegradable safety products, including new innovations in glove technology, can positively impact your business and help protect the environment, too.

Learning Objectives:

  • The impact of traditional disposal methods of single-use gloves on our environment and landfills
  • How biodegradable gloves can affect positive change
  • How the SHOWA Eco-Best Technology actually works
  • The performance of SHOWA biodegradable gloves vs. traditional gloves


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I would love to be added to this seminar I am a big supporter of SHOWA and love my showa specialist Mike Dixon
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