Sanding Made Simple helps you choose the best disc to get the job done right.

Introducing Sanding Made Simple

For more than 100 years, 3M Science has provided technologies designed to make your life easier and improve the world—one finish at a time. 3M offers the most advanced technologies and processes in the industry— and a wide selection of sanding discs to tackle any job. With so many choices, Sanding Made Simple helps you choose the best disc to get the job done right.

It’s easy, just:

Step 1. Select substrate
Step 2. Choose application
Step 3. See Product Recommendation for Wood, Composites and Coatings, and Metal

For stock removal, blending and finishing on solid wood and wood-based materials.

Primary Industries:
• Furniture
• Millwork
• Cabinetry

Composites and Coatings

For sanding on composite surfaces, fine sanding coatings such as gel coat or paint, coating removal and paint stripping.

Primary Industries:
• Marine
• Transportation
• Solid Surface
• Energy

For stock removal, light weld blending and paint preparation of metal surfaces from carbon steel to aluminum.

Primary Industries:
• Equipment
• Metal Fabrication
• Construction
• Transportation

And Don’t Forget... All-Purpose, All Applications

236U Disc Family
• Aluminum oxide on a C wt paper backing
• Durable, tear resistant backing

Good: Multi-purpose disc for a wide range of sanding applications.

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