Custom scoreboards can increase company morale and put a BIG focus on safety in the workplace.

Custom scoreboards can increase company morale and put a BIG focus on safety in the workplace

When it comes to what you can customize for your customers, the short answer is just about anything. Much like signs, labels, and tags, AccuformNMC can customize your customers’ scoreboards to meet their exact specifications and improve scoreboard effectiveness. Customers can send in photos, logos, brand colors, or unique text to be used on their scoreboards. Our designers will incorporate any of these elements to create the scoreboard your clients need.  

Here are 5 ways to get creative with scoreboard customization to provide some inspiration for your customers.  

1. Include a team image 

What better way to motivate a team to be safe than to remind them who they are trying to protect? When your customer includes a photo of their team on their scoreboard, they reinforce a sense of camaraderie among teammates. A custom scoreboard serves as a reminder to everyone on the floor that they’re all in it together. Plus, the personalization shows that management is willing to invest in safety, which goes a long way in establishing the right culture and making employees feel safe. 

Learn more about the benefits of customization by downloading AccuformNMC's Custom Brochure today

2. Use a company or team slogan  

Does your customer’s company or team have a safety slogan or tagline they use internally? The scoreboard is a great place to reinforce the message and tie the saying to actual results in the field. 

3. Promote a specific campaign 

Who says you need to use the same scoreboard all year round? Encourage customers to buy scoreboards to promote specific campaigns like National Ladder Safety Month or National Falls Prevention Month. Not only can customers use campaign-specific images and language, but they can update the counter language to reflect campaign-related data like the number of weeks or months since a fall or ladder citation. 

4. Design a branded scoreboard 

AccuformNMC can create fully customized scoreboards that use your customer’s logos, brand colors, and brand fonts to create branded safety collateral. This investment in branded signage helps management show employees that leadership values their safety and encourages others to buy into safety culture. 

5. Offer personalized, wearable scoreboards 

While large team scoreboards are great for promoting a culture of safety, safety managers also can create messaging that hits closer to home. Safety messaging is most effective when it’s personalized and resonates with the person hearing it—and nothing is more personal than family. AccuformNMC offers customizable, wearable scoreboards. Each magnetic tag features a photo of the employees’ family with text that reads, “This is the reason I have worked safely for ___ days.” When employees put the tag on each day, they’ll be reminded why they should engage in safe workplace practices. 

There’s no shortage of ways to customize scoreboards for your customers. As your supplier of choice, AccuformNMC has adopted a “Yes, we can” attitude and can customize scoreboards in any way your customers need. Many of their custom product requests can be shipped in less than 72 hours, and there are no minimum order requirements or setup fees. So if your customer needs one custom scoreboard this week, AccuformNMC can handle the request. 

Create your custom scoreboard today or contact the experts at AccuformNMC to learn more about their Personalize It! design service. 

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