Ergonomic anti-fatigue mats and ergonomic flooring help people feel better while they work and after their shift.

1. Diamond Plate anti-fatigue mats improve Team Morale

Low morale and toxic team members are difficult to measure, but we all agree they have a palpable negative impact on the team. Team members who do not feel supported by their company lose company loyalty over time. Ergonomic anti-fatigue mats and ergonomic flooring help people feel better while they work and after their shift. The difference between being in pain versus feeling rested after a shift is enough to affect anyone’s attitude. Anti-fatigue matting shows employees that you care about supporting them from the ground up.

2. Diamond Plate anti-fatigue mats measurably increase productivity

Don’t believe it? There are several studies proving this regarding anti-fatigue mats. The biggest manufacturers in the world all utilize anti-fatigue diamond plate matting to add to their overall productivity rates. One major American automaker completed a one-year study before and after Wearwell manufactured diamond plate anti-fatigue mats. They saw a 2.2% increase in productivity alone. Scaled across a business, this makes a significant difference in the bottom line. It just makes sense when you think about it: workers can work more efficiently when they are not in pain.

3. Diamond Plate anti-fatigue mats promote health benefits

Anti-fatigue diamond plate mats have been proven to reduce the chance of varicose veins and pooling blood in the legs. In a study completed by the University of Loughborough, workers compared standing on an industrial mat versus a concrete floor. The study found that workers shift their feet more on an anti-fatigue mat. This subconscious shifting keeps the legs pumping blood around the body, and was associated with reduced fatigue as well. Workers who stood on concrete reported more fatigue. More concerning was the increase in skin temperature in the legs for those workers standing on concrete which was attributed to pooling blood in the legs, another negative side effect of not utilizing industrial anti-fatigue matting.

4. The right Diamond Plate anti-fatigue mat will reduce absenteeism

When workers are in pain, they are more likely to stay home from work—a simple concept that many businesses do not fully address. Workers in pain are not skipping work, they are taking care of their bodies so they will be able to continue to work over a long-term basis. Diamond plate flooring and diamond plate anti-fatigue mats are one essential way to reduce the impact of work on your team’s physical health. It is not uncommon for manufacturing companies to observe a 25% reduction in absenteeism rates after implementing anti-fatigue matting in a secure, ergonomic fashion.

5. Diamond Plate anti-fatigue matting has been PROVEN to work

There is a reason the top manufacturers in the world all invest in industrial matting and industrial flooring: they’ve studied the effects and know anti-fatigue mats help their employees perform better and improve bottom lines. Large manufacturers have every incentive to cut cost, but they understand skipping out on mats increases their overall cost while simultaneously draining employee loyalty, morale, and productivity. An anti-fatigue mat is one of the best passive ways to protect employees and keep them in the building day after day.

6. Commercial anti-fatigue mats return your investment

By answering a few simple questions, Wearwell can show you your estimated return from an investment in matting. Matting is not a cost, it is an investment that saves your company money by reducing long-term injuries, floor-impact injuries from slips and falls, as well as decreasing absenteeism. This, combined with a small overall increase in productivity, will add up immensely over the course of a year or more. The following few questions are all you need to answer to find out how much commercial matting will save you over time:

  1. How many standing workers do you have?
  2. What is your average absenteeism rate?
  3. What is the average hourly pay of your workers?
  4. How many shifts do you run?
  5. What is your estimated matting budget?

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