The Mitutoyo FASTER, SMARTER With U-WAVE Contest has concluded.

As permitted by the official Contest Rules and in light of current events, we have decided to conclude our Mitutoyo FASTER, SMARTER With U-WAVE Contest at this time. 

Want to speed up your measurement processes and boost quality control on the shop floor? Find out how by watching this video:


The U-Wave system from Mitutoyo is a wireless measurement data communications metrology tool that collects and manages your product measurement data for you. Think of it as the first step toward your shop becoming a smart factory and tapping into the Industrial Internet of Things.

The U-Wave scales and grows as your shop does: As many as 100 Digimatic gages can be registered to a single U-Wave receiver.

Each 4 pc. U-Wave kit includes a Mitutoyo electronic caliper, receiver, connector and transmitter

How to Enter to Win 1 of 5 Free U-Wave Kits

Figure out the best way to use the U-Wave system in your shop and share your plans—along with any images and video—on the Better MRO Forums. A panel of machinists will select the winners based on the best responses from shops about how they intend to use a kit as well as their participation in conversations that ensue about the Mitutoyo data measurement system.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to the Better MRO Forums using your MSC username and password. (If you don’t have an account, registration is simple. Just click on the “Register” button.)

Step 2: Consider editing your display name for your forum posts. (You can learn how in the Forum Use thread, where you’ll find other helpful tips too.)

Step 3: Once in the forums, go to the U-Wave Contest Entry thread and detail your plans for using the kit. Photos and images aren’t required to win, but we hope you will include them. We want to see your shop!

(Have questions? Check out the Official Better MRO Contest Rules. Feel free to leave a question on that forum thread if you need help.)

 Join the Conversation Today; Become Part of the MSC Community

Our forums are a community of machinists and experts. Tap into the shared knowledge. Show off your own skills. Talk about the trade. You can:

  • Comment on and like what others are working on.
  • Ask questions and seek advice.
  • Share product feedback.
  • Upload photos and videos.
  • Get technical machining help in the Ask the MSC Tech Team thread.

The Better MRO Product Contest’s Fine Print

The last day to enter the Mitutoyo U-Wave kit contest is midnight, April 10, 2020.

Our panel of machinists will then review your entries and gauge your participation in forum conversations. An MSC representative will contact each winner by April 30 to confirm the shipping details.

Remember to be respectful of everyone in the community. You can find more about the terms of use and the community rules here. And remember, we have also posted the Official Better MRO Contest Rules. Post any questions about the contest in that thread, and we’ll reply.

Keep manufacturing strong.             


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