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Do the NOVAX rubber insulating gloves have an expiration date?


Hi Hal -

Guidance from OSHA is as follows:

According to Table I-5, rubber insulating gloves must be tested before first issue and every six months thereafter; and also upon indication that insulating value is suspect, after repair, and after use without protectors.

We hope this helps.


Thank you. I understand the testing requirements, but I have gloves with no test date on them but they do have an expiration date. does this mean discard the gloves regardless of pass/fail on this stamped date? Thanks again


Hi Hal - 

According to Novax FAQ's -

Each pair is marked with the test date of the initial test completed at the factory. Each glove has an individual serial number that provides traceability back to the factory test.

There are two standards that prescribe test intervals:

1. OSHA 1910.137 – Must be electrically tested before first issue and every six months thereafter

2. OSHA 1910.268 (Tele-com) – Natural rubber insulating gloves must be electrically tested before first issue, twelve months after first issue and every 9 months thereafter

Any un-issued glove that has not been tested within twelve months must be re-tested before issue.

We hope this helps and let us know if you need anything else.


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