Wearwell offers a wide range of industrial matting to fit every need and every budget.

Wearwell’s first Revolution was in 1989, when they invented the Diamond-Plate Mat as it is recognized today. Before this, low-quality sponge matting ruled the industry, but simply wouldn’t last. Wearwell decided to laminate a piece of diamond vinyl to the top of an anti-fatigue sponge, and the Diamond-Plate Mat was born! Watch this short video to learn about the technology behind the Diamond-Plate Mat:

Full Range of Products for Every Budget

Aside from manufacturing top quality products, Wearwell carries a full range of competitive products to match any budget. They understand that not everyone needs top-of-the-line matting. They take the time to listen, learn your area, and make a proper recommendation based on your budget with their “Good, Better, Best” offering.


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Founded nearly 70 years ago by two World War II veterans, Wearwell is a U.S.-based global manufacturer with sales operations throughout North America, South America and Europe. At our core, Wearwell designs and manufactures flooring and matting solutions that improve the bottom line and performance of our customers. We work to eliminate slips and falls, reduce absenteeism, improve productivity, heighten morale, and enhance the aesthetics in the workplace. Stand Strong with Wearwell!

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