The high demands of welding conditions require quality anti-fatigue matting to keep workers healthy and productive.

The Welder’s Struggle

Anyone that knows a welder or is a welder themselves can appreciate the rigors of the job.  Day in and day out, welders are expected to form quality welds while working on hard, unforgiving concrete.  Sadly, these dedicated workers come to accept that the resulting aches and pains are just part of the job.

It isn't and doesn't have to be.

Health and Well-being

There’s science behind welders’ aches and pains.  Standing in one place on hard surfaces creates a static position that doesn’t engage the muscle movement necessary for circulation, causing swelling in the lower extremities.  The shear hardness of concrete doesn’t absorb impact, it resists it, affecting the health of the lower back, legs, feet and joints. Over time, any number of these can evolve into debilitating MSDs.

Productivity and Performance

When they suffer, businesses suffer. The health of welders has a direct effect on their productivity and performance.  Quality welds and fabrication take an enormous degree of precision and focus.  Even the best welders find it hard to ignore the painful effects of standing on concrete. The farther they are into their shift, the greater the distraction and likelihood of less than quality work. 

Morale and Retention

Like so many skilled trades, welders are in high demand and short supply. Businesses can’t afford to lose these workers if it can be avoided.  It can.  Investing in ant-fatigue matting demonstrates that their employer cares about their health and well-being. Gallup research has consistently shown that companies that show their commitment to employees by providing them with the tools they need improves employees’ morale and dedication.

Anti-Fatigue Mats for Welding Do Exist

Not all anti-fatigue mats can hold up to the high demands of welding conditions.  Most employers know this and some resist using them.  The mats they’ve tried failed.   Mats may all look the same, but they don’t perform the same.

WEARWELL’s welding mats have a unique SBR rubber surface with a melting point of over 500⁰ Fahrenheit.  The fatigue-fighting support comes from the proprietary Nitricell sponge base. It absorbs repeated compression and bounces back better than any PVC sponge alternative.

WEARWELL has two styles of welding mats, both proudly made here in the USA.  Accept no substitutes in your welding operations.

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Wearwell is a U.S.-based global manufacturer of cutting-edge anti-fatigue matting and flooring.  For over 70 years, Wearwell has led the industry with over 20 patented anti-fatigue flooring and matting solutions designed to prevent injuries, improve performance, and position companies to compete in an ever-changing world.   

With sales operations throughout North America, South America, and Europe, Wearwell works alongside customers to improve safety, reduce absenteeism, boost productivity, and heighten morale across every industry.

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