Presetting outside the machine tool allows the machine tools to be running, while the tool assemblies are being set-up as back-ups or for the next job.

Recently, more machinists have started talking about presetting outside of the machine tool but only 30% of shops are currently using this method. Why is there so much hesitancy with investing in a separate tool presetting machine? Many would argue that their machine tool already comes with a laser. While using the laser in the machine tool is good to double check that the tool is set up properly or to monitor wear, it was never intended to be used for the entire presetting process.

When a machinist touches off the tools manually in the machine tool or uses the machine tool laser to preset for the next job, this requires the machine tool to stop running. This is not what the machine tool was designed to do and by presetting manually by touching off or with the machine tool laser, it turns the machine tool into the world’s most expensive presetter. The more time that the machine tool is not making parts, the more money it is wasting.

The HAIMER Microset UNO Smart presetting machine
The HAIMER Microset UNO Smart presetting machine

Presetting outside the machine tool allows the machine tools to be running, while the tool assemblies are being set-up as back-ups or for the next job. Presetting also allows machinists to catch errors in their setups before starting the job that could have caused the tool to break or for the work piece to be turned into scrap. Also, it is a very easy process so machinists at any skill level can use it. 

After understanding the importance of presetting tool assemblies outside the machine tool, there are many reasons why a machinist would consider investing in HAIMER Microset presetting technology. Firstly, HAIMER Microset machines have a release-by-touch function which allows machinists to move the optical carrier single handedly, without having to hold down a button. Also, it is equipped with a red, laser edge finder that helps machinists find the edge of the cutting tool quickly and eliminates the guesswork. All HAIMER Microset presetting machines are made with cast iron (both in x and z axis), allowing it to go right on the shop floor, next to the machine tool. It measures height, diameter and runout using Heidenhain scales very accurately and offset information can either be printed out on a label, added to an RFID chip or QR code, or sent directly to the machine tool. All of these features allow the machinist to keep the machine tool running, help save money, and allow for consistent tool set up.

HAIMER produces over 1,000 presetters per year, which means Haimer USA has many different options available in stock. To discover which option is right for you, call 630-833-1500 or email

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