E-manufacturers say once-revolutionary 3D printing complements CNC machining and other more traditional manufacturing processes, making it  just another (albeit very powerful) tool in their toolboxes.

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Premium toolmaker OSG addresses the tradeoff between tool life and productivity, a thorny obstacle for machine shops, with its A Brand AE-N end mills that improve both.

Your workers may be plenty busy deburring by hand, but your business could be more profitable if you switched to a mechanical process using the right brush set to the right parameters. The experts at Osborn explain.

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The Abrasives Process Solutions Team from Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives provides a proof of concept for manufacturers to use automation for abrasives work.

QuickTakes from OSHA

The latest safety insights and actions from OSHA's live QuickTakes RSS feed.


Learn about the DART rate, which is designed to help facilities measure their safety performance.

OSHA’s fall-protection standard led the agency’s list of most violated rules for the 11th straight year, followed by regulations on equipment and procedures including respirators, ladders, scaffolding and lockout/tagout. Companies were charged millions of dollars in fines.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration is considering a rule requiring higher-risk businesses to report more details on workplace injuries.

Learn about TAA compliance and how to avoid or manage issues.

Quick Poll: Business Continuity Plan

After the upheaval of the past two years, many manufacturing companies have begun creating or updating their business continuity plans, roadmaps for staying afloat and meeting customers’ needs during disruptions from natural disasters to prolonged shutdowns.

Which parts of your company’s business continuity plan would you like to improve?


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