Castrol helped one customer find the right coolant for their applications after they ran into supply issues.


Customer was using Chemtool Nusol 22 High Performance but ran into supply issues. They needed to replace the coolant with a product that met, or exceeded, their current performance and could be reliably supplied.


• Castrol conducted a site survey of the application and concluded that Castrol’s Hysol MB 50 was the right fit for their applications
• A head-to-head trial was conducted with the Chemtool Nusol 22 High Performance, two competitive products and the Hysol MB 50


• The Hysol MB 50 outperformed all of the tested products (per customer evaluation)
• Operating concentrations were reduced from 10.15% to 6%. A savings of over 40% in concentrate usage
• Cleanliness of the machine increased significantly, increasing operator visibility
• Oil splitting capability was increased, increasing effectiveness of oil skimmers
• Tool life/productivity metrics were met at lower operating concentrations, decreasing overall coolant usage
• Foam was observed on some competitive products, but not on the Hysol MB 50. Eliminating risk of accidental overflow and increased usage.
• By transitioning to Castrol and MSC, coolant supply concerns were eliminated
• The customer also requested a supplier that can support their growth as a company. MSC & Castrol have a track record of providing education, training, best practices, and process improvement suggestions to help their customers be as efficient as possible.

Download a PDF of the entire case study here.

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