CNC Super Machines

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CNC Super Machines

For those of you who have made the move to a CNC super machine, what's the one tip you'd share with others?

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Mark I.
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The best thing to remember when first getting in to CNC machines is that you should use cutting tool manufacturers SPEED, FEED AND DEPTH OF CUT RECOMMENDATIONS. Then use your manual machining ear from there. And try to not be afraid of how fast the machine runs. You cannot hit the "E" stop fast enough anyway in a 1200 IPM rapid movement. It is a hole new world after running manual machines and being able to see the cut being performed. Mark I. Better MRO

CNC Kamikawa

CNC machining is a process where a computer-guided machine tool moves the part being machined, or "carves," using computer-controlled axes and turning tools. This can be done with traditional machines, but CNC machines are bigger, faster, and more accurate than conventional ones.

The benefits of CNC machining include:

* Accuracy: CNC machines are accurate to within 1/10th of a millimeter (1/10,000th) of tolerance. 

* Speed: A traditional lathe takes about 15 hours to turn a 1/4-inch piece of metal. A CNC lathe can do it in less than 30 minutes. 

* Size: A 5-axis milling machine will cut much larger parts than traditional mills because it has more axes and can move around the part being machined at high speed while keeping its center of gravity low enough that it won't tip over.


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