MCR Safety offers individuals one of the largest selections of cut-resistant sleeves with over 68 different variations.

Cut-resistant sleeves provide extended protection past the hand and up a person's forearm. Most often, sleeves are worn in conjunction with cut-resistant work gloves. MCR Safety offers individuals one of the largest selections of cut resistant sleeves, over 68 different variations to be exact.  

In the below article, they will highlight significant information users look for when selecting cut-resistant sleeves. 

Applications for Sleeves

Protecting the arms from cuts, scratches, heat, and flames is vital for numerous occupations. They are especially helpful when working in tight spots. Here are some of the industries and applications where you will find individuals wearing cut-resistant sleeves

  • Farming: protects arms from scratches when handling animals
  • Foundry: molten metal burns through cotton, making ARX and Kevlar sleeves essential protection
  • Landscaping: trimming hedges
  • Glass Processing: cutting glass and handling glass
  • Gardening: protection from pruning and thorns
  • Manufacturing: assembly line operations, steel mills, and inspection areas
  • Maintenance workers: arms are exposed to restrictive working conditions
  • Metal Stamping: automotive parts
  • Metalworkers: anyone involved with metal fabrication
  • Recycling: workers often require A9 protection
  • Sheet Metal Installation: air ducts
  • Utilities: being scratched from cut trees

Keep in mind, if you require heat protection, you will only want to consider sleeves made with Aramid fibers, which are highlighted below.  Also, be sure to review the specific product's webpage for all updated performance testing data. 

Sleeve Lengths and Options

Below, MCR Safety covers the differences in the cut-resistant materials used. Their Premium Grade sleeves are made with more of the primary cut-resistant fiber. The competitive value grade sleeves are made with less premium cut-resistant material and added stretch material to keep costs down. 

Feature Options

They also manufacture sleeves with various other features, which depend on the user's needs and preferences.  The following chart shows multiple options, such as sleeves made with a thumb slot or a cotton interior.  

Cut-Resistant Sleeve Options
Cut-Resistant Sleeve Options

Learn more about all the cut-resistant sleeve options MCR has to offer in the remainder of this blog.

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