How to calculate CNC speed and feed?

How to calculate CNC speed and feed?

Each tool will adopt different processing parameters according to different materials. In the field of milling, tool manufacturers develop more targeted coating technology by optimizing tool materials, aiming to improve machining efficiency.


Through the combination of various elements in materials, we can see thousands of raw materials that can be processed. In order to process these materials, we must know the processing performance of this material, and know how to optimize the processing method.

Material group of workpiece

According to the international standard ISO 531:1966, the machinable materials are divided into six categories, namely:

Steel material represented by p;

Stainless steel material represented by M;

The cast iron material represented by K;

Non metallic materials represented by N;

High temperature materials represented by s;

High hardness material represented by H;

According to the tensile strength and hardness of materials, tool manufacturers classify materials into smaller categories. If we cannot find the processing performance parameters of the materials to be processed in these subclasses, please refer to this feed Calculator:

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Thanks for sharing. On Better MRO we have digital calculators for machining as well:

Productivity Calculator:

Machining Calculator:

And we have also compiled other useful resources here:


Does anyone else have preferred online tools? Share with the community.


As K.N. said in the replay both of the links will help you calculate CNC machine speed. Also If you have any more questions regarding CNC machining please let me know. 


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