Accupro End Mills

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Elisa H.
MSC Moderator
Accupro End Mills

Looking for solid results? Accupro End Mills increase productivity, improve workpiece quality and cut downtime. We know there are already a lot of Accupro customers out there. Here's why...

The HS SERIES End Mills are designed for cutting steel, stainless steel, cast iron, titanium, high temperature alloys and hardened materials (<50RC) and feature:

  • 4-Flute: for slotting, roughing, pocketing and heavy peripheral cutting
  • 5-Flute: finishing tool for reduced chip load and improved surface finish
  • 7-Flute: an equal indexed finisher for profile and peripheral cutting

Do you use Accupro? What do you like about the products? Any dislikes? Any questions for our experts or other users? What projects do you use them for? Want to share photos?

Share why you are an Accupro fan.

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Broc Bryson
Sales Manager, MSC

We are finding more and more acceptance for the Accupro brand.  There is a large variety of size and feature options that perform very well in a wide range of materials and conditions.


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