FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How will I be notified if someone replies to my post?

It’s simple! We’ll send an email to the email address you used to post.



Q: What are topics?

A: Topics are broad themes to help identify where you can look for information or ask a question to peers. Within topics, threads, or conversations are started. Topics are created by the Moderators and Administrators.


Q: What are threads?

A: Threads are conversations within a specific topic. For example, a topic can have 7 threads, which is 7 conversations. Forum Participants can start and participate in threads.


Q: What are sticky threads?

A: Sticky threads are conversations that the Moderators and Administrators have chosen to push to the top of all other threads. Only Moderators and Administrators can make threads sticky.


Q: What are locked topics?

A: Locked threads are conversations that Moderators and Administrators have chosen to close and not allow further conversation in. Only Moderators and Administrators can lock threads.



Q: What are Moderators?

A: Moderators are MSC associates that are responsible for the day-to-day operations of Forums. At times, they will interact with Forum Participants and share their knowledge.


Q: What are Administrators?

Administrators are MSC associates that are responsible for managing the technicalities of running the site and oversee day-to-day site operations.



Q: Did something change? I used to have to have a username and password to participate in Better MRO Forums.

A: We’ve made it easier to participate in Forums by removing Sign-In and Register. To participate today, all you need is an email address. This change also removed user profiles from the Forums.


Signing into Better MRO is easy. Use your username / password, or register to create an account. We’ll bring you back here as soon as you’re done.

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