Our Top 10 Picks for Innovation in Metalworking

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Our Top 10 Picks for Innovation in Metalworking

We asked our Metalworking Team "What new, innovative products or developments related to the metalworking market place have been introduced in the past two years?"

We share the Top 10 most popular answers and we’d like to know what your experience has been working with any of these products or developments.

  1. There is a new turning technology called "Prime Turning" from Sandvik. This series of tooling allows turning in 2 directions, not just one. There are significant cost savings to be had if the customer can implement this tool.


  1. Kennametal Hydroforce Hydraulic Tool Holders were a game changer for companies not wanting to use milling chucks (high maintenance) invest in shrink fit systems or for those that just needed some stability in there machining operations with heavy material removal rate.


  1. One development, starting to take off, would be full shop machine monitoring software systems. These track machine usage in a very detailed manner and allows an overview that can drastically reduce operations costs. Most of these systems are in the growth cycle, but will be a key element for scheduling work and preventive maintenance in larger manufacturers in the coming years.


  1. In the last two years tool paths in CAD/CAM systems have grown substantially. From dynamic tool paths and trochoidal milling. This has opened up the tooling companies minds and MFG all over the world. Lower horsepower machines can achieve higher metal removal rates with these new techniques and tools.


  1. Hydraulic tool holders. Used both in drilling and milling applications. The runout is reduced as compared to an ER or other collet style holders. Machinists also like the ease of their setup too. There are many options in the Accupro, Schunk and Kennametal brands.
  2. Accupro HS end mills, Seco Perfomax Indexable Drills, OSG AT1 Thread Mills, Kennametal Hydraforce Tool Holders for milling, Accupro/Kennametal/Haimer Hydraulic Tool Holders for drilling, Niagara VFP end mills for heavy roughing in Ti.


  1. Iscar's Sumogun: replaceable tip gun drill: had great success replacing carbide tipped gun drills.
  2. The Norton Quantum3 RightCut is available in 0.045" and 1/16" thickness. If you want speed of cut and work on thin or hollow materials, the 0.045" will get you there easily. If you are cutting thicker materials and life of the wheel is important, then the 1/16" is ideal. Whatever your pick is, experience the extra-smooth cutting action, thanks to the premium ceramic grain.
  3. Balanced tool holders and tool assemblies are starting gain popularity in manufacturing. Tool balancing machines are fairly straight forward and basically act like the wheel balancers for your car tires. Benefits are increased tool life, increased spindle life and parts finish.


  1. A few trends from a resident expert:
  • Hydraulic Toolholding (mentioned many times). Machinists are migrating to this technology. Leaders are the Kennametal HydraForce and Schunk Hydraulic Holders.
  • Shrink Fit: this technology has taken off in recent years and many machinists (especially in Aerospace) are turning to Shrink; the repeatability it provides is the best out there. HAIMER is the market leader out there.
  • Live Tooling: as more as more 5 Axis machines come to the market this is a category that is going to sky rocket.
  • 5 Axis Workholding: many machinists are moving away from the traditional way of holding a part (standard vise set-up) and moving to the concept of machining the part having access to 5 sides of it. There is a cost savings that is realized by moving to this technology solely centered around the reduction in set-up time (the time you can save in set-up will create more time to keep the machine running. Currently, we are experiencing strong growth with the likes of Schunk and Raptor (dovetail concept).


What do you think? Share your experience right here.


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