What do you like about Machining?

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Broc Bryson
Sales Manager, MSC
What do you like about Machining?

What is it about Machining that you like?  For me I like the idea of people making things.  Usually things that are complicated, unique and difficult.  I like the times when the weather is just right and the shop doors are left open all day.  I like the smell of the good coolant but definitely not the rancid coolant.  The energy of the shop is infecting. The challenge of making a particular item with the machine tools in place combined with the cutting tools and work holding that can be gathered.  The problem solving for me is a big draw.  I like to see metal being cut.  The chips hitting the sides of the machine and knowing that the process is optimized and effective.  All of these tangible points are things that I like about every machine shop.  Without question though my very most favorite thing is the people.  The people that are learning and growing in their effort to get better.  The people that have a really great idea and just need one or two more pieces of the puzzle to get the project moving.  The people that I have known for many years and have worked on many projects with.  The people that I am just getting to know but we are linked by the same interests and appreciations for well ran machining processes.  My greatest appreciation and respect goes to the people that come to work every day trying to make the world a better place by making things.



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