Exploring Salaries in Manufacturing

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Exploring Salaries in Manufacturing

One of the biggest challenges in manufacturing today is finding qualified people to fill open positions. Competition for experienced machinists, engineers, programmers is fierce with demands for competitive wages and even benefits. We drill down on wages in manufacturing and safety.

First, let’s dive into the manufacturing industry where we referenced 2 reports to take a closer look at compensation in the industry;  The 2018 Manufacturing Compensation Report and the second report, the 2018 IndustryWeek Salary Survey.  Here are highlights:

  • Hourly Workers  - Average salary $64,014
  • Manufacturing Production Employee - Average salary $63,548
  • Manufacturing Engineering Employee - Average salary $91,672
  • Manufacturing Production Manager - Average salary $102,674
  • Product Design & Development - Average salary $105,348
  • Salaried Workers - Average salary $111,731
  • Manufacturing Manager - Average salary $118,500
  • Manufacturing Engineering Manager - Average salary $124,477
  • Medical Device Manager - Average salary $142,500


Now onto Safety where the 2018 SH&E Industry Salary Survey found 92 percent of safety workers were full-time employees and their median salary was $97,000. Let’s talk individual roles and how they stack up. (These are averages from Indeed in August of 2019.)

  • Safety Coordinator – Average salary $56,873
  • Safety Manager - Average salary $77,332
  • Industrial Hygienist - Average salary $78,662
  • Safety Director - Average salary $83,929
  • Environmental Health & Safety Officer - Average salary $90,541

Tell us, how satisfied are you with your salary?



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