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Whether in gray powder form as raw feed supply, as scrap or as tools, tungsten carbide is one of the most valuable metals, but many machine shops have it just lying around on their shelves.

One person’s waste is another’s valuable renewable resource.

If there’s one thing metalworkers can agree on, it’s “waste not, want not,” especially when it comes to tungsten carbide. Whether in gray powder form as raw feed supply, as scrap or as tools, tungsten carbide is one of the most valuable metals, but many machine shops have it just lying around on their shelves.

Tungsten carbide, or the combination of carbon and tungsten elements, has become increasingly popular because of its durability and malleability. It has a hardness second only to a diamond and a strength more intense than steel, but it can be easily molded into different shapes and forms. It is used for cutting and mining tools, mill products, surgical tools, sporting equipment and now even jewelry, particularly wedding bands.

These attributes make tungsten carbide scrap one of the best contenders for recycling. Doing so will help your company’s bottom line, advance your sustainability goals and protect U.S. manufacturers from volatile foreign prices (less than 10 percent of the world’s tungsten is found here).

Sound promising? Here are answers to some burning questions about tungsten carbide to help you start reaping its valuable benefits.

Where is tungsten carbide in machine shops?

Tungsten carbide is found in inserts, reamers, drills, boring bars, round tooling and end mills. It’s also in ballpoint pens, punches and dies, says Don Graham, manager of education and technical services at Seco Tools. 

How much is tungsten carbide worth?

As a ballpark estimate, Tim Diehl, global carbide recycling manager at Kennametal, says it would take about two weeks for a machine shop with 10 tools to recycle a full, one-gallon paint pail of tungsten carbide. He says recyclers are paying machine shops $5 to $10 a pound for tungsten carbide recyclable metal this year.

What does recycling tungsten carbide do for the environment?

In addition to earning money, machine shops can also contribute to their environmental sustainability goals by recycling. Diehl says Kennametal’s recycling activities advance its corporate sustainability practices, which it plans to put in place throughout its international organization.

Why is it strategically important for companies to recycle tungsten carbide?

The price of tungsten can be volatile, Graham says. Because tungsten carbide also contains cobalt, which has had price fluctuations because of international conflicts, both cobalt and tungsten are recycled regularly in the United States. Companies refine tungsten into a powder form and use it to manufacture new products. Similarly, they remove cobalt from machine tools and reuse it industrially.

How can you separate tungsten carbide tools for recycling?

To learn how to identify and separate tungsten carbide inserts, reamers, drills, boring bars, round tooling and end mills from similar steel products for recycling, consider the following: Tungsten carbide is always going to be heavier than steel, and it has slightly magnetic properties. It’s also scratch-resistant and doesn’t rust.

Need to make connections for buying and selling carbide? 

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I am a machinist from Surrey, BC, Canada and I have about 110 pounds of scrap carbide. All the carbide I have is from machine tools such as inserts, end mills and drills. . I was hoping to get a quote on how much per pound I could get for this and any suggestions on shipping methods.

Thank you.



Call me for a top recycling price


Hey Dan I have about 100lbs of tungsten Carbide? By any chance could.i also get a quote. Thanks


Hi Dan,

I have a factory producing cutting tools, and we have tons of carbide insert scraps. Can I have you contact information for furthre cooperation? Thanks


We will be buy carbide scarp please confirm toffee 


I'm sitting on around 700 #'s right now of mostly inserts,  end mills, drills and some wear parts. I'm not selling until I get a very reasonable price like we had last year. Please leave me know. 

Sante Hruniuk 


Dan Rossi and anyone else, please email me if you are buying carbide. Looking for a great price but I won't sell it until I get a good price. I have 1000+ pounds! 


Can carbide dental burs be recycled?


Yes, but those are micro tools with the shaft material made of steel and the Burr is solid carbide. There is not much weight in the small Burr piece. It would take a lot to amount to any volume.


I will supply tungsten carbide scraps



My name is Shreya Vohra. I am owner’s daughter of Shreya International and Vaibhav overseas company in India. I am looking to buy tungsten carbide scraps to import in India. Let me know if you have any leads. 
thank you 


I have import carbide scrape in india 


I also have carbide and about 1000 pounds right now. Shared how can I contact you?


Hi Austin, Thank you for visiting Better MRO. We will have a Metalworking Specialist contact you to follow-up on your question.


I want to buy a used tungsten carbide tools.


Hallo, I'm assist manager in KS company that first carbide scrap company in korea

Always, we have a lot of quantities of carbide scrap

we can supply w/c inserts and endmill total 20tons in 1 months 

If anyone interested in our offer please contact us 

Thank you 

Mark(Assist manager in KS)



 Thimc, i have a complete auto body shop for sale i have alot of insert, alor of welders alot of tools plenty of different carbide, My shop is in Tampa im offering an open warehouse full of tools for sale .call anytime 813 836 3609 .24hrs.   Thanks look forward to meeting you and anyone wanting to come......thanks again


Hello, My name Is Lir.

I am The COO of Alad investment ltd.

we buy and sell metal scrap all over the globe.

if anyone is interested in selling tungsten carbide, our company would buy it from you at a right and fair price.

we only buy large quantities so anything below 1.5 tons won't be noticed.

you can contact me via email:

or WhatsApp me:



I am interested to buy carbide and high speed scrap

So plz tell me which type to scrap you have


First of all I want to explain myself. I am owner the company who is selling brake system of Trucks. and I am collecting the scrap inserts,tungsten, carbide too. I am searching a company, who can buy my scrap products .Do you interest with it?.

I am waiting your response.


Hi Hidayet, did you ever get a response to your request. Please contact me if you still need help recovering tungsten.


Hi Kyle,
Right now comments on Better MRO don't notify the commenter a new reply has been added. Why don't you try posting your message on our forums to share your offer for tungsten recovery.


i am interested in buying any quantity of tungsten carbide cutting tools.
please cont me on javed khan


Looking to buy tungsten carbide inserts scrap inserts. Plz contact me.


Hi Jennifer, You can use our Forum to make connections if you are interested in buying scrap inserts. You can use your credentials to login and post.


I have about 150 pounds of scrap carbide for sale


Hello, my name is Erika and I have Tungsten Carbide ready to be sold, if your are interested please contact me.


I buy carbide scrap insert with best price


I am in contract with major suppliyers all our US I I can supply thirty to fifty ton of carbide scrap Drills bits End mill inserts, I am supplying in Middel east and in India, you can contact me at or call me or what's up me at +1-(347)-419-4561, thank you


Hallo, I'm assist manager in KS company that first carbide scrap company in korea

Always, we have a lot of quantities of carbide scrap

we can supply w/c inserts and endmill total 20tons in 1 months 

If anyone interested in our offer please contact us 

Thank you 

Mark(Assist manager in KS)



I thought it was fascinating that recycled carbides could go from $5-$10 a pound. My uncle is in construction, so he works with carbides a lot. I think he'd really like the idea of recycling them.


I will supply tungsten carbide scraps Sludge+919980805725


Good day. We have a few pails of carbide we would like to sell. Inserts, drills etc.
Can this be used as credit towards our company account?


Hi , Its always been my little story I started saving inserts and saying when I retire I will cash these in. I have a few buckets full of them , since you wrote the story how about a link to a google search and a reference price range.
thanks bob


Hi All. I want to buy tungsten carbide scrap. Please contact me to Thanks


I buy scrap carbide. Feel free to contact me at





I will supply tungsten carbide scraps Sludge how much qty required contact me


We lookin for supplier carbide scraps sludge , we own special technology for rework to roasted WO3 material . Our capacity is 100 tons per month 


Is 2% Thoriated tungsten worth recycling?


Are you referring to welding sticks? I've had trouble finding a place to take it in the US due to radiation concerns.


I am Choi Min-gyu, CEO of Shin-sung Metal.

It is a company that exportscemented carbides to China and Europe from Korea.

I am contacting you to make thefirst meeting with your company about cemented carbides.

We can supply the insert filler 13ton, end mill filler 7ton every month.

It's about 200 tons per year.

We have insert filler 20 tons in stock.

I attach the company introduction letter to our company.

I will wait for your answer after reviewing it.


I can buy any carbide quantity please let me know.


I am Abdul Qadar from Texas I can supply 40-50 tons of carbide scrap a month, email me at or call or what's up


I will supply tungsten carbide scraps Sludge contact me if you want


I'm Carlos, from Peru, South America. I'm owner of an mold maker shop, we use different types of tungsten carbide tools for all of our process. Anyone knows a company in South America who is buying tungsten Caribe? Or maybe some way to recycling this material in this Continent.


The company I work with has a presence in South America. Please contact me if you still need help with carbide recovery.


i am interesting in buying tungsten carbide cutting tools in any quantity.


Got carbide scrap


Hi Brent. I can buy scrap(all forms...tooling, dust, swarf or sludge). Please shoot me an email to request a quote.


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