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MSC Industrial Supply Co. has relationships with a cadre of suppliers who provide a diverse selection of online, interactive technical tools. Customers can get the feedback they desire by utilizing various calculators, charts, glossaries, apps and performance optimizers. These can be especially helpful when estimating manufacturing costs, materials, production time, labor costs and drilling speed.

We asked MSC Metalworking Team Tech Supervisor Beth Milne and Metalworking Product Training Manager Kevin Kaptur to identify 10 of the most useful online tools that are intended to help customers create a well-oiled, continuous flow of productivity, time and money.


WHAT IT IS: Kennametal Tools

WHY YOU NEED IT: This supplier provides the KM Cost Justifier Tool, a customized calculator to help customers during the planning phase evaluate the level of productivity needed on a project.

WHAT IT IS: Sandvik Coromant’s Videos

WHY YOU NEED IT: With 8,000 employees in 130 countries, this global tool supplier provides a number of well-produced videos that offer tooling solutions, information about the latest technology and overall knowledge about the metalworking industry categorized by country and available in several languages.


WHY YOU NEED IT: Divided into five categories (design, manufacturing, injection molding, machining and sheet metal), users will find this website easy to navigate for showcasing tools, calculators, charts and general information. 

WHAT IT IS: Lenox Saw Blade Selector

WHY YOU NEED IT: Lenox Tools created this blade selector tool, making it simpler to pick the proper band saw blade based on material and parameters such as unit of measurement, gauge, teeth per inch and other factors.

WHAT IT IS: Lenox SawCalc

WHY YOU NEED IT: Another handy tool from Lenox, this cut calculation application lets you specify the machine, materials, dimensions, vising and conditions of use to conclude the optimal band saw and material for your project. It’s designed for both experienced or beginner machinists.

WHAT IT IS: Guhring

WHY YOU NEED IT: This vendor provides state-of-the-art grinding and coating systems and precision measuring instruments, but the company has a lot more to offer. Take advantage of its e-learning tutorial, videos and literature that provide general information about drills, milling, reaming and threading, just to name a few.

WHAT IT IS: Walter Tool

WHY YOU NEED IT: Walter Tool offers several innovative app and software solutions, including tool guides, feed-and-speed values, machining calculator/cutting data, wear optimization and an e-library with brochures available in 17 languages.


WHY YOU NEED IT: Seco has an online toolbox where you can find the right tools and inserts for your operations as well as cutting data calculators to help get the most out of your cutting tools. The calculators are a bit more technical and designed mainly for advanced customers.


WHY YOU NEED IT: This website has a collection of free metalworking charts compiled by seasoned metalworkers, who have actually used many of them. There are charts for press brake forming, metal shearing, hole punching, band saw cutting, metric conversion and a comparison of nuts and bolts styles. 

WHAT IT IS: Machining Cloud

WHY YOU NEED IT: As its name implies, this app-based “cloud” is an industry resource that contains information about multiple tools and product data, directly from leading manufacturers such as Kennametal, Sandvik, Guhring and Walter. It’s instrumental in speeding up the production of tool assemblies. 

How often do you use any of these tools in your daily work?

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