In the United States, the aerospace industry continues to grow. It’s a critical opportunity area for metalworking shops. See why in our infographic that details the growth and demand in defense and aviation.

Aerospace and defense are a major economic force in global manufacturing and are powered, in part, by the metalworking parts-making industry. Take a look out our infographic to get the details.

Metalworking and original equipment manufacturing shops: Take notice. Whether you are a subcontractor or a major aviation and defense player, aerospace has a positive long-term outlook on revenue, earnings and jobs. Demand for commercial air travel and an expected rise in defense spending is fueling global growth in aerospace, according to PwC. 

“We expect this combination of a growing consumer base and low operating costs to benefit the aerospace components manufacturers and the OEMs well into the future,” describes Michael Guckes, chief economist for Gardner Intelligence, in a Modern Machine Shop article.

Want to learn more about opportunities, innovations and emerging materials being used in aerospace? See below.

llustration by T.M. Detwiler

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