Kennametal adds to its KenTIP™ FS modular drill platform by leveraging its GOdrill™ technology for a new insert, the KenTIP FS GTP.

Kennametal adds to its KenTIP™ FS modular drill platform by leveraging the patent-protected GOdrill™ technology for a new insert, the KenTIP FS GTP, along with several new straight-fluted drills for multiple materials and applications including the KenTIP FS SCF and KenTIP FS BF Holders.

KenTIP FS GTP: Using the 140-degree solid carbide point design from Kennametal’s GOdrill™, the KenTIP FS GTP insert allows for multiple machining applications across a range of materials including steel, stainless steel and cast iron. KenTIP FS GTP also features excellent centering capabilities, even at moderate cutting parameters, and low-axial forces.

KenTIP FS SCF Holders: The KenTIP FS SCF Holders feature a straight-fluted design for static applications on lathes. The SCF shank with flange allows for quick and easy usage on common lathe turrets. With this new addition to the KenTip FS portfolio, machinists can expect reliable chip evacuation and maximum torsion resistance, plus superb temperature control and lubrication because of an internal coolant supply with four exits.

KenTIP FS BF Holders: These straight-fluted drills for drilling, countersinking and chamfering (in one operation) feature a Weldon shank for standard BF adaptors. The straight flute design enables the length to be adjusted and delivers reliable chip evacuation and maximum torsion resistance. With internal coolant supply at four exits, the KenTIP FS BF Holders deliver superb temperature control.

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See the KenTIP FS modular drill in action in this MSC Tooling Up video.

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