Mitutoyo measurement experts share the best way to implement a data management system for the effective Smart Factory data architecture.

As manufacturing companies move toward implementing modern techniques such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Statistical Process Control (SPC), many companies find integrating measurement data collection into their network can be difficult. Many questions arise, such as: what technology is available, which products are better for an application and which supplier can be trusted as a partner to guarantee success. As a global leader in Metrology Hardware, Software and Services, Mitutoyo is frequently called upon to assist manufacturers in implementing a Data Management System.

This article details how to select the right partner, hardware and software needed to fit unique applications. Whether it is a single inspection station or a multiple facility installation, Mitutoyo offers the products and solutions to bring it all together.

Reasons to Partner With Mitutoyo

The Mitutoyo group suggests innovation utilizing IIoT for smart manufacturing through the three “M”s:

  Measure: Measure with precision

  M2M: Machine-to-machine connection

  Manage: Manage measurement data & measuring machines

Mitutoyo's IIoT support concept provides products and services that contribute to the improvement of the customers' production efficiency and product quality.


Smart Factory Concept

Below is a diagram illustrating a common initial implementation of the Smart Factory Concept. The core of the implementation is the Customer’s Network. All Manufacturing equipment is directed by a system that supports techniques such as CAD/CAM program generation, pallet shuttles and robot integration, and automatic offset feedback. Process Monitoring is managed through the network resulting in visualization of uptime, machine usage and health, as well as better preventative maintenance scheduling.

Measurement Data is managed by MeasurLink®. All inspection data is collected by Real-Time software and stored on the customer’s network in a MeasurLink® database. This data can be collected from hand tools connected to a PC by wired or wireless data collection systems, PC controlled systems such as Vision or Coordinate Measuring Machines, or even machine tools equipped with in-machine probing.


Understand the Goals of a Smart Factory

In regard to the Measurement Results, a Smart Factory concept improves work efficiency, allows the management of the measured data to be integrated within the network, and enables easy deployment. Each of these attributes is described in detail below.


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