Guhring's micro-precision end mill, the RF 100 Micro-Diver, delivers extreme cutting values and very high cutting depths in a wide range of materials.

After several years of proving its potential in the metalcutting industry, Guhring’s RF 100 Diver end mill family has earned a reputation for extraordinary productivity in drilling, ramping, roughing, finishing, and slotting applications.

As a manufacturer known for relentless innovation, Guhring has re-created the outstanding performance of the Diver end mills in an advanced micro-precision end mill. The carbide RF 100 micro-Diver delivers plunging, 60 degree ramping, and high-performance milling at tool diameters at or below 1/8".

This tiny workhorse delivers extreme cutting values and very high cutting depths in a wide range of materials. With a focus on stability in the cut, the Micro-Diver was designed with an innovative flute form and specialized geometry for the transition from flute to neck. A symmetrical drilling geometry helps to optimize ramping and drilling operations.

The micro-Diver’s incredible ramping and milling capabilities made it a real hero in a job shop in the Northeast that was struggling to reduce cycle time in 455 stainless steel. Their manufacturing of a medical drill – and several variations of this drill – was barely turning a profit due to extended machining time. Milling out three windows from the solid rod-shaped form was taking 54 minutes per part, on a vertical CNC with flood coolant.

The machine’s operator had heard about Guhring’s micro-Diver, and asked their rep if they could bring one in to test. A Series 6808 end mill, 3/32" in diameter, was put to the challenge and due to its design features the micro-Diver ramped aggressively into the stainless and milled out the three windows in only 4½ minutes. Running at more than double the SFM and IPM, the micro-Diver shaved off nearly 50 minutes of cycle time per part, turning this production run into a much more profitable one by saving 87% annually. And with the micro-Divers added to their lineup, they were able to also slash machining time on the medical drill’s other variations.

The Smallest Diver in the World is stocked in diameters from 1/32" to 1/8", with inch and metric sizes. Series 6808 can mill at depths of 2.5xD, and features 4 or 6 GuhroJet peripheral cooling ducts, depending on the diameter. Series 6809 can mill at depths of 5xD, and also features 4 or 6 GuhroJet peripheral cooling ducts, depending on the diameter.

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More than a century of expertise in cutting tool manufacturing, combined with powerful R&D resources, place Guhring at the forefront of technical innovations in cutting tools. Guhring meets specific customer requirements—from process proposal to production application—with quality cutting tool solutions. With approximately 8,000 employees across the globe, and more than 70 production locations in 48 countries, Guhring is a powerful metalworking resource.

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