Lower your costs and improve your productivity with Seco Tool's newly expanded Niagara Cutter™ family of multipurpose 5-flute solid end mills.

Big tooling inventories cost you big money, and having to always use multiple end mills increases part costs and reduces your overall productivity.

Eliminate these problems with Seco Tools newly expanded Niagara Cutter™ ST540 family of easy-to-apply, multi-purpose 5-flute solid end mills.

The new end mills are part of Seco Tools Niagara Cutter™ Stabilizer™ product family, and their signature variable geometries bridge the gap between the Stabilizer™ 2.0 product family of Seco Tools and the S638, S738, S938 Multi-Flute product family.

The ST540 product family will help extend tool life and provide unsurpassed stability in a wide range of applications from slot milling to advanced roughing, side mill finishing and everything in between. 

Your Challenges:

  • Poor productivity and low metal removal rates
  • Lack of chip control causes frequent cutter breakage

Seco's Solution:

Advanced 5-flute design

Your Challenges:

  • Inconsistent tool life
  • Poor edge strength causing unexpected breakage

Seco's Solution:

Cutting edges with full eccentric reliefs and an advanced coating

Your Challenges:

  • Low metal removal rates in extended reach applications
  • Unstable long tool overhang applications

Seco's Solution:

Extended reach configurations with new advanced chip splinter

Your Challenges:

  • Poor surface finishes caused by chatter
  • Slow cutting speeds

Seco's Solution:

Stabilizer™ continuously varying asymmetrical geometry

ST540 solid end mills
ST540 solid end mills

Benefits of Solid End Mills

• More aggressive full slotting and large radial stepover cuts made possible by the 5-flute design’s efficient chip evacuation

• Maintain optimal cutting speeds and achieve high-quality surfaces with the superior harmonics and chatter reduction of Stabilizer™ variable geometry

• Superior tool life, wear resistance and edge strength made possible even for advanced machining strategies with advanced coatings, full eccentric reliefs and Stabilizer™ asymmetrical cutting edges

• Maximize material removal in long-tool applications and prevent long chips from nesting and causing downtime or ruining surface finishes with extended reach configurations and a new advanced chip splitter

Range Overview

• 140 new inch sizes (181 total range)

• STS540, STSN540, STR540, STRN540, STRCS540

• Extended reach configurations with up to 8.5x diameter

• New advanced chip splitter

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