The Micro-Diver from Guhring lets you achieve high-performance milling at diameters from 1/32" and combines plunging, ramping and milling all in one tool.


Do you have challenges in micro-machining? Master them now with the Micro-Diver — effective, reliable, precise. Plunging and milling with only one tool. Outstanding performance across a wide range of materials. Extreme cutting values and very high cutting depths, which were previously not possible for micro-precision tools. Watch the short video above to learn more (music only, no transcript).

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More than a century of expertise in cutting tool manufacturing, combined with powerful R&D resources, place Guhring at the forefront of technical innovations in cutting tools. Guhring meets specific customer requirements—from process proposal to production application—with quality cutting tool solutions. With approximately 8,000 employees across the globe, and more than 70 production locations in 48 countries, Guhring is a powerful metalworking resource.

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With more powerful milling tools available today than ever before, the big question facing machinists is how best to combine them to increase productivity, reduce cycle times, and improve tool life and surface finish.

MSC’s Accupro® ST Series, a 3-piece milling assembly that is sold pre-set, pre-balanced and ready to use, leverages the science of machining dynamics to highlight which specific operating parameters will maximize productivity. It helps users address three critical business priorities: competitiveness, revenue growth through capacity gains and overcoming the widening gap in manufacturing skills.

There’s more to choosing the best end mill than its price tag and availability.


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