Each solid round tool is designed to fulfill the demands of high quality, precision and productivity so you can get the most out of your machining process.

The Solid Round Tools (SRT) range covers all applications types within the areas of solid carbide drilling, milling, HSS tapping, reaming and threading. Each solid round tool is designed to fulfill the demands of high quality, precision and maximum productivity so you can get the most out of your machining process.

With more than 10,000 standard products within the Sandvik Coromant SRT range which are developed to cover all application types, we have categorized these in a Versatile, Optimized and Customized range to ensure you select the right tool for the right application. The standard offer is presented within the Versatile and Optimized product ranges and in addition we offer Customized solutions which include advanced engineered products and tailor made, individually developed for the most sophisticated machining demands.

Versatile Solutions

This range includes high performance solid round tools that offer high flexibility and cost efficiency. You should choose a versatile SRT if you are searching for one tool for many materials or applications. This range is ideal for small batches and varied production demands. When looking at SRTs for Milling, the CoroMill Plura is an excellent choice for high-performance end mills, tipped end mills, thread mills and router cutters for secure machining in a variety of materials and applications. When drilling, the CoroDrill 460 is a great high-performance drill in the Versatile range for multi-material applications.

Optimized Solutions

This range includes a unique line of refined round tools for specific needs that provide extreme efficiency, reliability and durability. Choose the Optimized range products when you need a tool dedicated for specific materials or applications. This range is ideal for large to medium batch production demands. When looking at SRTs for milling, the CoroMill 316 exchangeable milling heads are made for specific materials and applications yet versatile given the opportunity of exchangeable heads couplings and the ability to quickly switch between face, slot, profile, shoulder and chamfer milling even to boring and tapping all with the same holder. When drilling, the CoroDrill 860 is your first choice for maximum productivity in specific materials and the CoroDrill 861 for high stability in deep hole drilling.

Customized Solutions

This round tool offer consist of Tailor Made and Advanced Engineered products, depending on your application complexity and component feature, individually designed to meet the highest demands on performance. If your required product solution is not within our standard assortment, Sandvik Coromant has the expertise to individually engineer, design and manufacture a bespoke product that meets your specific application demands.


Did you know you can get original tool quality up to three times when you recondition your solid round tools? By incorporating a process into the designing of our tools which allows exact copying in a future reconditioning we can guarantee new tool performance. The reconditioning process will reproduce geometry and coating of the original tools. The performance testing of reconditioned tools follows the same as for new tools. By taking advantage of the three repeated reconditioning procedures you will have saved up to 50% of your capital which would have been spent on new tooling.

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