It’s no secret that we all deal with a need to multi-task as part of our daily lives, particularly when at work.

It’s no secret that we all deal with a need to multi-task as part of our daily lives, particularly when at work. Now more than ever, workers must be able to balance various tasks and priorities as part of their daily work, which mean they need PPE that offers more than one type of protection or performance attribute, such as grip, tactility or dexterity. The need for personal protective equipment that meets a variety of work task and comfort needs is no longer a “nice-to-have” – it has become a necessity.

In order to ensure gloves meet all their daily work needs, workers often choose to switch gloves multiple times throughout the day to match the task at hand, creating periods of time where they are unprotected. Alternatively, they may choose to wear multiple forms of hand protection. However, this does more harm than good – double donning can decrease the performance and protection benefits of each individual glove, in turn making each less effective. Additionally, the extra layer can cause workers to lose the tactility or dexterity that’s needed to handle the task or object at hand.

PPE that not only serves multiple functions, but also provides a degree of comfort for the worker, will help ensure compliance throughout their work day. Luckily, new options exist due to innovative materials and designs from PPE manufacturers. For example, the Ansell HyFlexÒ 11-840 glove has a liner that provides a snug, second-skin feel as it tightens the fit across the palm for added protection, comfort and tactility. The improved dexterity helps provide a sense of safety and confidence when workers are moving between different tasks. It’s also made with nitrile patent pending foam coating that’s 20 percent more breathable than comparable formulations – providing cooler, drier hands and less sweat.

Another multi-purpose hand protection solution is the Ansell HyFlexÒ 11-925, the first ultra-lightweight HyFlexÒ style to combine a ¾ dip geometry, oil repellence and oil grip into a highly dexterous, high comfort glove. The design combines the abrasion resistance of multiple layer coatings with oil repellency to both protect against cuts and reduce the risk of slippage in dynamic environments, offering workers improved performance, comfort and flexibility.

This new generation of multi-purpose glove solutions ends the need to compromise, ultimately making the everyday lives of managers and workers safer and easier from start to finish.

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