Beside severe effects on the individual, all types of workplace injuries can also represent particularly serious drawbacks for a company’s business performance.

Workplace Injuries Are Still a Big Problem

In 2015, there were approximately 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses such as burns, lacerations, cuts and fractures as well as latex and chemical allergies reported by private industry employers in the U.S.1 The previous year in the EU-28 zone, there were close to 3.2 million nonfatal accidents.2

Beside severe effects on the individual, all types of injuries can also represent particularly serious drawbacks for a company’s business performance. The associated direct costs of an injury range from medical expenses to rehabilitation costs and workers’ compensation, whereas indirect costs are caused by replacement workers, accident investigation, productivity loss and demotivation of workers.

In addition, global and local trends have an impact on your company’s economic performance, such as:

• Increased health and safety standards and regulations

• Increased focus on sustainability and waste reduction

• Vendor standardization and consolidation

• Global standardization in supplies and processes

The resulting demands for compliance, consolidation and simplification necessitate rapid changes and are forcing companies to find new ways to reduce PPE costs without sacrificing worker safety.

An Integrated Approach to Improve Your Business Performance

Ansell has learned a few things over the last 45 years of doing safety assessments. Unlike other PPE manufacturers, they know that every company is different and so is every worker. And all the operations they undertake and safety requirements they have are unique in their own way.

This also means that every AnsellGUARDIAN® assessment is unique. Each of their customers receives a tailor-made safety solution that is backed up by data collected by 600+ safety experts from over 17,000 individual assessments since 2010. AnsellGUARDIAN® assessments lead to injury reduction, reduced cost to protect, increased compliance as well as PPE portfolio complexity reduction.

Ansell’s global experience, as well as their proprietary software systems and extensive database, help them to provide personalized best practice recommendations for their clients. And their in-depth understanding of risk assessment and protection allows them to develop tailor-made solutions, which naturally comply with the ever-changing regulatory standards.


What We Do

Safety & Compliance

Ansell provides a personalized risk management solution that leads to improved worker safety, injury reduction and increased regulatory compliance.

Cost Performance

They advise on business performance improvements that result in lower overall costs for your company.


They deliver best practice recommendations to optimize your PPE dispensing, improve your company’s output and eliminate waste, leading to an increase in productivity.

How We Do It

Ansell's simple and clear processes focus on the most relevant areas to deliver their best practices recommendations for one single application or even an entire site.

Every customer is different, and so are their safety needs. Ansell's 600+ safety experts assess each situation individually, using the data provided and a proven process. This results in a unique, tailor-made assessment to meet your objectives.

They start their partnership by analyzing, benchmarking, implementing and improving your PPE-related operations and performance. One assessment at a time, they assess your current and future safety needs.

1Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics United States
2Source: Eurostat Statistics

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