The effects of inhaling welding fume by workers are not immediately obvious but overexposure can cause serious health issues.

Welding and grinding hazards

Welding fume hazards

Welding produces extremely small particles called “fume” which rise in a cloud of metal fume into workplace air. The effects of inhaling welding fume by workers are not immediately obvious but overexposure can cause serious health issues.

Since metalworking hazards include many different types of welding fume materials, selecting the appropriate respiratory protection is crucial. 3M is here to help.

Eye injury hazards

Eye injuries cost American companies around $300M* a year. Potential causes of eye and face injuries are flying particles from processes such as cutting, grinding, or scarfng and high levels of ultraviolet, infra-red and visible light generated by welding, cutting, melting, and pouring operations.

3M offers appropriate eye and face protection to help minimize workers’ exposure.


Noise exposure hazards

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss is one of the most common industrial illnesses in the world. It is often unnoticeable in the early stages and unfortunately is permanently irreversible.

That’s why working in hazardous and loud environment requires an appropriate hearing protection compatible with other PPE. 3M provides best-in-class hearing protection.

Working at heights hazards

You are working at height if you are above ground/another level or near an opening or fragile surface or you could fall from an edge. There are key challenges of working at heights: leading edge-sharp edges, fall clearance, and dropped objects.

Whether conducting a hazard assessment or developing a comprehensive fall protection plan, selecting the correct safety equipment before the work begins will help to prevent falls. 3M can advise on this.


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